ZAYN MALIK FANFICTION! It's inspired by a song. I really hope you'll enjoy it, as I enjoy writing it.
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2. It Really Hurts...


PaigePOV:  I was standing there, looking at the ground, going thrugh my mind, and remembering the good times. Tear fell down my face, but I quickly wipe it. Why? Was I asking myself. Why did she had to leave?. The time passed by so fast. I didn't even said goodbye to her. Another tear fell down, when I took one last look at my mother. They started laying the coffin in the ground. I took the biggest, and redish rose I found, and drop in the grave. 'Don't leave me. Please' i whispered. After the funeral, me and my dad drove home. We didn't said a word, i was hidding my pain inside. When we arrived, i ran to my room right away, and i burst into tears. I didn't even heard my dad comming into my room. »Paige...« he said. I pushed him thrugh the door, and locked myself in. I was crying for so long, my sleaves were soaking wet. I was punching, and screaming into my pillow. When i calmed down, I heard something hitting my window. I was on 2nd floor, so nobody could've climbed up there. As i look thrugh, i saw Zayn, throwing small rocks on my window. As soon as he saw the expression  on ym face, he pointed to the biggest and nearrst tree behind my house, witch meant, that i need to come down. Zayn was the adorable nerdy student, with not many friends. He's shy. We're only friends, nothing more. I sat on the ground next to him. »I was at the funeral. ... in the background. I'm so sorry for your mom, I really am.« I looked at him, I wanted to say thank you for being there, but i couldn't say a word.  Tears came back into my eyes. He wiped a tear on my cheek with his thumb. »It's gonna be ok. I promise...« Zayn said with soft voice. That moment, i felt so safe, and so lucky to have a friend like him. It was weird, but I liked it. I smiled to him, in tears.  He hugged me, as I start crying more. I feel asleep in his arms.


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