That Holiday <3

When Amy and her friend Ellie go to Spain together and bump into One Direction their lives are changed forever. But is that good or bad for them?


1. Winning!

I sat next to the radio, clutching my phone in my hand. Ellie paced up and down the room. "Time to announce the winners!" the radio presenter announced. Me and Ellie both inhaled sharply. "And the winners are Ellie and Amy from London!" Me and Ellie just stared at each other, stunned. "That's us!" I shrieked. "We won!" Ellie screamed. At that very second my phone started ringing. "Hello!" I answered. I could hear my voice blasting through the radio. I turned it down. "Well done for winning our competition! You and Ellie are going to Spain!" the presenter told me. Then he hung up and I received another call, confirming everything. We were flying out the next day! Me and Ellie jumped up and down screaming. I texted my mum to tell her and then me and Ellie went to sleep, seen as though we had to wake up at 6am the next morning.

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