That Holiday <3

When Amy and her friend Ellie go to Spain together and bump into One Direction their lives are changed forever. But is that good or bad for them?


4. The Beach Villa!

We got off the plane and ran through the crowds of screaming girls and into a taxi. Liam said the address of the villa and off we went. We arrived there after 10 minutes. It was beautiful. Absolutely stunning. It was 3 stories high and was made out of glass and stone. It was on a private beach  as well which meant no screaming fans or paparazzi interrupting our holiday. I looked over at Ellie and her face mirrored my thoughts. The boys chuckled and walked in. The living room had expensive leather sofas and a huge wide-screen TV. There was a glass coffee table in the center. The kitchen was marble and the fridge was already full of food and drinks. I grabbed Zayn's hand and ran upstairs, forcing him to follow. "So who's having what room?" I asked. "Well...I thought we would share this one." Zayn said, pointing into a room that had a huge double bed. "And Ellie and Niall can have this one." Zayn said, pointing into a different room. Then Harry and Louis will probably share and Liam will have his own room. "Aw, won't he be lonely?" I asked. "Nah!" Zayn replied. He picked me up and carried me into the room. He sat down on the bed, with me on his knee and started singing Kiss You then he kissed me. 

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