That Holiday <3

When Amy and her friend Ellie go to Spain together and bump into One Direction their lives are changed forever. But is that good or bad for them?


3. On the Plane!


We talked for about an hour before the gates opened. When they did, we all ran as fast as we could onto the plane. We sat down in first class and carried on talking. Zayn was so funny, I started to fall in love with him. I shouldn't because he had Perrie but I continued talking to him, not letting this ruin our friendship. Liam was making sure that everyone had what they wanted and that they weren't too loud. Harry was sat with Louis and Louis kept shouting things out. Niall was still flirting with Ellie. They made such a cute couple! After about 2 hours-it was a 10 hour flight-everyone was asleep apart from me and Zayn. He slowly grabbed my hand and entwined his fingers with mine. I looked into his eyes, I knew it wasn't right but I wasn't going to object! He leaned towards me and I leaned towards him. Our lips crashed together. It was the most magical kiss of my life! I pulled away and smiled. He smiled back at me "Amy, will you be mine?" he asked me. "But...Perrie." I whispered. "I broke up with her yesterday." Zayn whispered. "And I'm glad I did." he said. After 3 hours everyone woke up again. "Ahem, I have an announcement to make!" Zayn shouted. "Me and Amy are now going out!" he shouted and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up next to him. Everyone clapped and Louis wolf-whistled. I blushed and Zayn kissed my cheek. By this point Niall had gone beetroot red. "I have an announcement as well..." Niall murmered. "I love you Ellie...Will you be mine?" he asked. "YES!" Ellie shouted, Niall ran over and kissed her. Louis then stood up. "Harry, will you marry me?" He shouted. "Simple but effective! AND YES!!!" Harry screamed. We all burst out laughing and we all carried on being random until the plane landed.
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