That Holiday <3

When Amy and her friend Ellie go to Spain together and bump into One Direction their lives are changed forever. But is that good or bad for them?


2. At the Airport!

My alarm went off at 6am and I groaned as I stretched to turn it off. I grabbed Ellie's arm and dragged her through to the bathroom. Neither of us were morning people but today we had to be. We got ready and put on some foundation and mascara. We threw on some trackies and a jumper and grabbed our suitcase that I had packed when I couldn't get to sleep. Ellie just looked at me with a confused expression on her face. "Don't ask..." I said. We walked up to the car and drove down to the airport where we woke up fully as the realization hit us. We ran into the airport and checked in and gave all our bags in apart from our hand luggage which had our iPods, laptops and a book. We looked at all the food choices and decided on Nandos. We sat down and ordered something off the breakfast menu. We looked around and saw 5 boys. I winked at Ellie and we wolfed our food down. The boys faces were covered, not even their hair was showing. Ellie bumped into one and I bumped into another. They caught us and laughed. Me and Ellie almost fainted when we heard Niall's accent coming from the boy holding Ellie up. I looked at her and kind of old her with my eyes to keep cool. "Niall?" I whispered. He nodded and I asked who the person holding me up was. "Zayn." he whispered. "Shall we sit over there?" I asked, seeing it was empty. "Yeah!" the boys said. We went and sat down and the boys took off their disguises. Niall was staring at Ellie and very obviously flirting with her. I sighed, knowing that all the other boys had girlfriends. "What's wrong, love?" Zayn asked me. "Oh, nothing." I said. "So where are you girls staying?" Harry asked us. "Maliga!" I shouted. "Really? We are too...maybe we know...hang out. We're on holiday so no work for us!" Niall exclaimed, blushing and looking at Ellie. "What hotel are you at?" Liam asked. "Oh, um we kinda haven't booked one yet, we had our eyes on one but we wanted to see it first." I said sheepishly. "YOU CAN STAY WITH US!" Louis screamed. "If you want to..." Liam quickly added. "OK!" me and Ellie shouted. Then Niall suggested that we could sit with them in first class in their private cabin. "Yes!" me and Ellie squealed. 

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