Forever In Our Hearts <3 (CT Shooting)

This is a tribute story to the victims of the Connecticut Shooting. May they all rest in peace <3


2. The Call

My phone started ringing. I picked it up as quickly as possible. That's when they told me. I rushed to the school, waiting to hear if my Melissa was alive. Everyone was petrified. There had been a shooting. And people had died...

They came outside and went to the parents one at a time. Some parents broke down in tears and fell to the floor in despair. Some clasped their hands together and looked at the sky, thanking the Lord that their child had survived. When the teachers reached me they crumbled the last shreds of hope that I had. My Melissa had died. I lost it. I screamed and cried and wondered 'Why me?' My Melissa had been so happy, so loving. And she was gone. Forever.

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