I Want To Be An Astronaut

Just a little poem I wrote because we have to choose what we want to do in school soon. For the poem competition!


1. I Want To Be An Astronaut

I want to be an astronaut,

With a tank that's full of air,

But I am claustrophobic,

So that I couldn't bear!


I want to be a footballer,

And have a lot of money,

But on the field I always trip,

So I would just look funny!


I want to be a cool rock star,

And bring out lots of songs,

But you have to stay on a tour bus,

And the toilet really pongs!


I want to be a cricket player,

Just hit the ball and run,

But I might miss and hit a player,

And that won't be much fun!


I guess there is no job for me,

Not at the moment anyway,

I've got no job and so no cash,

At least there's no bills to pay!

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