Promises (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Everybody deserves to know the entire family story, from the grandparents to the parents, or even more. So does Chloë Delmare.
It's not enough for her to know her father is half Italian and half Greek and her mother died because of cancer, she does want to know the whole story. From A to Z.
Why doesn't she know her father personally? What happened to the rest of her family?

After her mother's death, Chloë lived with her childhood friend Niall Horan and his family. Knowing the day would come when she would have to move out and try to live on her own. Alone. But when Niall decides to go to The X-Factor, Chloë knows, he'll have a bright future but they'll never see each other again.
At the young age of 16, Chloë moves to Wolverhampton to the Payne-family. A nice family with heart. But she misses her old friend, starts to recognize she has feelings for him and regrets secretly everything.

Two years later, when the day came and the letter Niall have wrote her, she immediately travels


4. Una ragazza bella (A beautiful girl)


  It started raining right before Niall and I decided to go get something to eat. »I think we order something.« He then said and reached for his mobile phone searching a number. »Wanna have some Chinese or Italian food? Or Nando's?« Niall screamed from the kitchen. I sat in his bedroom and looked outside the window. He had a beautiful view over London. I could see the London Eye and asked myself if Niall and I could do some sightseeing the next days. I stucked in my thoughts and thought about some special sights and, unfortunately, my family. I've never met my whole family. I just knew my mum, more or less. I just had her, from my real family. But Niall, his family and Liam's family were also family. But different, if you know what I mean. 

  »Chloë?« Niall asked when he came into his room. I turned around to him, remembering he asked what I wanted to eat. »I don't care, choose you.« I smiled lightly and turned back to the window.


  Something was wrong with her, I didn't know what, but I wanted to know it. Since I knew her, Chloë has never been quiet, neither she'd ever thought so much. I dialed a number, one of my favourite Italian restaurants, man, how I'd love Italian food. And I knew, Chloë loved it too, maybe the food could make her talk to me... 
  »Ciao, Francesco!« I said into the phone when the pizza baker answered the call. »Ciao, piccolo irlandese!« He answered. »Come sempre?« Francesco asked in Italian, like always when we talked. »Yea, but one more.« »Hai fame?« »Yea, but I have a friend over.« I answered on his question if I'm hungry. 
  Francesco sighed. »Questo ragazzo! Ha sempre visita! Una ragazza bella?« He asked and I blushed, even when he couldn't see me. »Yes, she's beautiful, but she's my childhood friend. So there's nothing serious.« I explained and he took my order. 
  »Spaghetti Bolognese... Questo ragazzo, questo ragazzo. It makes £40, that you know. Be careful with her, should I send you a bottle of good Italian wine? - Red wine. From Sicily, they are very delicious.« I answered him with a yes, he then said, it's a present (and I knew what he actually wanted to say) and ended the call. 
  I was thankful when the food finally came. And Chloë grinned from ear to ear when she came into the kitchen and smelled the tomato sauce - the good tomato sauce. »Wow. Italian food, thanks Nialler.« She said and smiled then lightly, sitting on the other side of the table with a glass of wine in her left hand. »Mmmh.. Good wine. Why?« Chloë asked and looked at me, waiting for me to answer her question. I shrugged my shoulders, because I didn't want to tell her that the pizza baker gave me the wine to... Well, you know. 
   We ate without making a sound. »Chloë?« I started and looked down at my plate. I felt her eyes on me. »What's up, Nialler?« She asked and I could hear her lying down the fork. »You looked so distracted... And I was worried, to be honest.« I continued, she sighed nervously when I looked in her eyes.


  His blue eyes stared at me, I knew I had to answer him, he wouldn't forget it easily. I sighed again and drank a little bit of my wine. »I was thinking about that I don't know my family, you know? And I want to know everything. And if we could go sightseeing the next days. You and I.« I added, so Niall could forget what I have said. Niall let out a long moan. But he didn't say anything. He just stood up and went to his bedroom, to come back again with a little box. »Don't start crying. Do not scream, don't hate me, cos I hid it from you. Alright?« I nodded as an answer and he gave me the box. I opened it slowly, without any rush, but I was excited. 
  LettersClothes, PicturesMy family.

  »I think you should read them. Your mum gave them to my mum, and my mum gave them to me.« Niall mumbled and looked into the box. The box was in a beige, with a golden bow on it, it looked beautiful and princess like. »I should keep it here, 'til we would meet again. And the first letter is for you, from your mum. You have to read it, to understand it.« He continued, but took the box and pulled me with him to the living room. 
  We sat down on the sofa, a brown one, made of fake leather. »Niall... I'm afraid.« I told him, biting on my bottom lip and looked at him. »I'm here, I'll help you, I promise.« Niall answered and opened the box again to pull out the letter, my mum wrote me. 
  »Open it, Chloë.« He whispered and tried to calm me down. It helped when he took my hand to led it to the letter, to open it and read. 

  My dearest daughter,
  If you're reading this, you're probably old enough to understand why you don't know your family. 

  Let me tell you.
  When I met Gianluca, it was probably love at first sight.
  For both of us.
  But times have changed, and so did our love.
  We were just 18 years old when he decided to take me as his wife.
Honey, please let me tell you that the wedding and everything that came in the future, were big mistakes.
 The wedding was beautiful, but I have noticed in the night, in the very first time we've shared the bed, that I was not ready. It was too much at once and I was still so young! Please don't hate me, my wonderful daughter. 
  But then, a few years later you came, everything changed again!!!

    Please read the letters, which are included.
        I love you,
       Your mum Louise 


  I looked to Niall, who was standing right next to me. »Did you read it?« I asked him and saw how he turned away and faced the bottle on the table. »I can forget it, if you didn't want me to read it.« He mumbled but I was confused. My mum regretted the marriage, did she regret me?
  ...The wedding and everything that came in the future were big mistakes...
Big mistakes. 


  Chloë stared at the letter and didn't say anything for quite a long time. I started to clean the kitchen and she just stood up and went to the living room, to sit down on the sofa and stare out of the window. I didn't know what she had, but I did know what she was thinking. 
  I can't remember things clear about Louise, I just know, that I didn't like her. Why? Because she was unfriendly, she always hit Chloë with no reason... I can remember how I once played with Chloë in her room, she had so many legos, that we thought we could build a little city. Louise came in every ten minutes to take a look, if everything was alright. But what should we do? We were just five years old... 
  Well, after Louise came in the maybe thirtiest time, Chloë and I were playing wedding. We were just bored and I found a tie in a box of hers. So we stood there, in front of the window and giggledlike wild. It was strange for us two, but it was also fun. 

  Then, I gave her a kiss on the cheek, after I put a pink plastic ring on her finger. »Now we're husband and wife.« I told her and laughed. She laughed too. I can remember, she had crinkles by her eyes when she smiled (Little Things, haha ;D) and little doll curls... We held hands and danced a little bit, while Louise was standing at the door, with her arms crossed in front of her chest. »Niall, you have to go home. I don't want to see you with my daughter, anymore.« She said and pointed her finger at the exit of Chloë's room. I didn't know what happened, but I was sad and looked at the ground. I've never been brave enough to tell other people that I didn't want to. But this time I said it. »No. I don't want to! I want to play with Chloë!!!« I looked up to Chloë who looked at me, shock on her face. Like I had say something wrong. I forced her with a light smile to say the same, she just nodded and mumbled something I didn't understand very well. I just saw how furious Louise became, ran to Chloë and hit her like she said something wrong, like she did something wrong. Louise just hit her and didn't stop until Chloë was bleeding and I could see bruises all over her body. 
  »Mum! Why? But I love you!!!! Why did you do this to me?« Chloë asked crying. »Go out!« Louise yelled at me, I ran out of Chloë's room. But I turned around to see what she was doing to my best friend...

  »Child abuse...« I mumbled and looked up to the roof of the kitchen. Now I knew what Louise did with her. But Chloë didn't stop loving her. Because Louise was the only one she had. 
   ...The wedding and everything that came in the future were big mistakes...


Chloë was a mistake in her eyes.


Author's note: I know it's very hard, because of the abuse... But like I said uncensored and hard story... 

Little dictionary:
          Italian                      -     English
 piccollo irlandese          -     little Irish
come sempre?               -     like always? 
hai fame?                        -     are you hungry?
questo ragazzo!              -     this boy!
Ha sempre visita           -     has always visit
una ragazza bella?       -      a beautiful girl?


Hope you liked it :))

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