Promises (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Everybody deserves to know the entire family story, from the grandparents to the parents, or even more. So does Chloë Delmare.
It's not enough for her to know her father is half Italian and half Greek and her mother died because of cancer, she does want to know the whole story. From A to Z.
Why doesn't she know her father personally? What happened to the rest of her family?

After her mother's death, Chloë lived with her childhood friend Niall Horan and his family. Knowing the day would come when she would have to move out and try to live on her own. Alone. But when Niall decides to go to The X-Factor, Chloë knows, he'll have a bright future but they'll never see each other again.
At the young age of 16, Chloë moves to Wolverhampton to the Payne-family. A nice family with heart. But she misses her old friend, starts to recognize she has feelings for him and regrets secretly everything.

Two years later, when the day came and the letter Niall have wrote her, she immediately travels


1. Prologue


»You can't get me! You can't get me!« A childish voice sang over and over again while the two ran around. It was one of these beautiful summer days here in Mullingar. It was warm and the fruits tasted like Summer - so good. 

  The lakelet in the garden was full of fishes and turtles and the family's horses neighed on the meadow. »They look cute together.« The girl's mother told me and smiled lightly.

  She once had beautiful brown hair. It was long and curly and very healthy. But she didn't have it anymore, the cancer and the cure have destroyed it. She looked tired and old, something she actually wasn't. Louise was once a young, strong and beautiful lady with a wonderful life and a job where she got enough money enough, for a joyful life wthout financial problems. 
  Until the cancer came and everything destroyed.

  I looked to the children again. They stood around one of the girl's turtles. »Poop?« My son asked and poked the dead animal. Poop, I thought, the name Niall has chosed. A name which made the two laugh. 
  »Maura...« Louise whispered and I turned around to face her. »Mum! Poop is dead!« Chloë said and came in crying, holding Poop in her little hands. »Mum?« She asked and looked down to a sleeping Louise. »Mum?« Over and over again.
  Still holding the dead turtle in her hands - shocked, with her eyes wide opened.

  Poop wasn't the only one who died that day.


10 years later

  »I'm nervous.« He whispered quietly, like a mouse, and ran with his hands through his blonde hair. I giggled and looked at him. »You have to cut your hair.« I told him and made him even more nervous. He closed his eyes frustrated. »You're crazy!« He explained and let himself fall on the bed. I could hear him breathing, while he looked up to the roof of his little room. I turned to the laptop and typed something in. »Still the work for biology?« He asked and I nodded. Human beings and their behaviours I wrote and my best friend was the perfect example. 
  »You're going to make it right! I believe in you!« I told him to keep him calm. 
  »What if they say I'm not good?« He then asked and ran up and down in his room. »Then they are idiots. Come on! They gonna love you!« 
  He then stopped in front if his calendar. »I am such an idiot!« He said and closed his eyes, like always when he was frustrated or forgot something. »No, you're not.« I laughed but he shook his head when he came to me. »Happy Birthday, Chloë! How could I forget that?« He asked himself. »And I'm sorry. My sincere condolences!« He then said and wiped away my tears. »It was maybe the worst day in my whole life!« I mumbled against his blue shirt. »Niall, promise me that you'll become a famous singer. Do it for Poop, do it for Louise. But the most important thing is... Do it for you.« I told him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. »Good luck!« I then told him and packed my things.

  »Chloë?« I could hear Niall's voice when I opened he door of his room. »What's up, Nialler?« I asked him and turned around. »Now you have to promise me that you will make everything right! The family is going to love you. And good luck with the biology project. Don't go on their nerves in Wolverhampton.« Niall said laughing and hugged me tight, causing me to start crying. He cried too. »I'll miss you, Chloë.«


  I was welcomed by the family. The family had two daughters and one son. I missed Niall and Maura, Bobby and Greg. I missed Mullingar. »Chloë, pass me the salt, please.« The children's father said. Well, children wasn't really the right word. »Liam, the youngest of all, was in my age. The girls, Nicola and Ruth, were elder than us two. 
  »Yes, here.« I gave him the salt and smiled lightly when he smiled. 
  »Liam is going to sing for The X-Factor.« His mum said, smiling proudly. I stopped eating. 
  »My best friend, too.« I told them, trying to hold back my tears.

  The auditions day was nerve wrecking for me. To see Niall on the TV let fireworks explode in my head and the butterflies went crazy. Niall and I were friends, like brother and sister, but also like boyfriend and girlfriend. But the last example wasn't something serious, I guessed.
  He told me, he would sing something about our friendship, but "So Sick" wasn't really what I was thinking about. 
  Yes, yes, no. Now it was Katy Perry's turn. If she said no, everything would keep being a dream. 
  Yes. And I screamed and I laughed and I cried. And then, minutes later, I could hear his voice. 
  »I did it, Chloë! I did it! Oh my god! Chloë!« He screamed on the other side of the phone. »Congrats, Nialler! I'm so proud and happy and... I-I.« I mumbled crying.
   »Chloë?« He asked quietly, the sound of his voice was killing me right now. »Yes, Niall.« I said. »Ya don't have to decide now. But I wanna know if ya wanna move to London with me when we're old enough?« He asked and there they were again. 1000 little butterflies. »What's with your career, Niall?« I asked him.

  »No matter what.« He started. »Even if I have to live in Japan.« He kept saying. »I want you to be with me. It's boring without you.« And I cried again, I wished I could be with him. Just with him.
  »Niall.« I started to explain him. »No matter what.« I kept saying, wiping my tears away. »Even if you have to live in Japan.« I turned off my laptop. »I only want to be with you.« And I foresaw he smiled and was happy. 
  »Why did ya sing "So Sick"?« I asked him after three minutes of silence. »Because it's the truth. I'm so sick of love songs since you aren't here anymore. I miss you, Chloë.« He explained and did something I always loved when he did that. 
  He cried.


  »Good luck, Liam.« I wished him with all of my heart. Liam and I turned to something like brother and sister. The night, Niall and I talked to each other, he saw me crying and wanted that I tell him everything. 
  »Thanks, Chloë.« He answered and hugged me. 
  And he did it. He could come again.

  »Chloë. They said we have to sing in a group.« Niall explained me on the phone. And who's in your group?« I asked him and shut the book I was reading. »Four guys. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zain Malik and Liam... Liam, wait, I forgot his name.« Niall mumbled. »Liam Payne?« I asked him. »Yes! How did you know?« I shrugged my shoulders even when he couldn't see it. »I guessed. I wasn't sure.« But I was sure.
  My best friends wouldn't sing against each other, they would sing together



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