Promises (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Everybody deserves to know the entire family story, from the grandparents to the parents, or even more. So does Chloë Delmare.
It's not enough for her to know her father is half Italian and half Greek and her mother died because of cancer, she does want to know the whole story. From A to Z.
Why doesn't she know her father personally? What happened to the rest of her family?

After her mother's death, Chloë lived with her childhood friend Niall Horan and his family. Knowing the day would come when she would have to move out and try to live on her own. Alone. But when Niall decides to go to The X-Factor, Chloë knows, he'll have a bright future but they'll never see each other again.
At the young age of 16, Chloë moves to Wolverhampton to the Payne-family. A nice family with heart. But she misses her old friend, starts to recognize she has feelings for him and regrets secretly everything.

Two years later, when the day came and the letter Niall have wrote her, she immediately travels


3. I don't want it!


  Pain. It was the only thing I felt. The only thing I had. The only thing I knew since I knew it all, since I had to go through all of these things. I'm done. I can't do it anymore. I looked up to Maura, she was smiling at me, wanted to show me everything's fine, everything's going to be good again. I didn't want to live with it. I didn't know what to do. Looking up to a smiling Maura didn't help me. »It's going to be awful, Maura! I can't do it! It's terrible!« She shook her head and rolled her eyes. »Don't say it! Everything's great.« Now it was my turn to say no, to say that she was crazy. But I didn't do it, I just stared at the doctor, the machines. That awkward thing on the display. »Maura...« I said, eyes wide opened, holding her warm hand. »No! No! No! I-I-I don't want it!« The doctor shook his head. But was still looking at the grey display. I had goosebumps. I hated it. »Louise. Keep calm. Relax. I'll always be there for you, I promise.« She whispered with her soft, angelic voice to calm me down. I shook my head, over and over again. No, it wasn't what I've planned. I didn't have it on my list. »Forget the list.« Maura said like she had read my mind. »Things like that happen. That's normal. That's life.« I looked at her round belly. Niall James was the name they wanted to call him. A boy. Another one. They have wished for the little boy. A dream, a wish. And now, reality. Pure reality. 
  »Mrs Del-« The doctor started to say but I interrupted him. »Louise. I don't like my husband's surname.« I said and knew, even if I didn't have to take a look, Maura shook her head, feeling embarrassed. »Mrs- Sorry, I actually wanted to say Louise... Louise, it'll be a girl. It's healthy, but please be careful what you drink or eat now. No alcohol. No cigarettes. You had luck, that nothing happened. Congratulations to your pregnancy.« He continued and smiled a very honest smile, I couldn't answer. I looked at him, like a sick person, trying to keep calm. How can he say "Congratulations to your pregnancy"? I mean, it's disgusting! 
  »Louise, oh my god, that's so great! It's a healthy baby, like mine! How are you going to call the beauty?« Maura asked excited when we left the hospital, I shook my head, rolled my eyes. It didn't help, my mind was full of crying or screaming babies. It couldn't get worse.


 »Chloë...« Niall whispered, holding me tight, but softly, if it worked. I could smell his cologne and closed my eyes when his hands ran over my hair. »Your hair... It's longer.« He mumbled and giggled lightly. We hugged and it seemed like the time has stopped. There were just Niall and me. »Chloë.« He said once again and pushed me softly in front of him to look at me, like the fathers always look at their sons when they are proud of them. 
   I smiled at him and he answered the smile. »I didn't know that you'd come. I mean, it's- wow.« He mumbled and reached for my bag. »Come on, the boys are actually waiting for me to come home.« Niall started walking straight on down that road we met, smiling like a happy child.
  He looked good, better than in all the magazines or in the magazines. The only thing that bugged me were the braces. It was weird. Totally weird. He left me without these, he left Mullingar with crooked teeth, he came into one Direction with crooked teeth, but now it was different. But I didn't want to say that the braces ruined everything, no. Niall turned to a very attractive lad. Too attractive actually, and I couldn't stop but staring at him. »So, here we are!« He said and rang the doorbell. It was a normal house, nothing special. »Louis and Harry live here. We all have our own flats.« Niall explained me before Liam opened the door.
  »Niall! Where have you been? Oh my goodness! Chloë is it you?« Liam then asked when he saw me. He hugged me, tighter than Niall did before and pulled me in. »You are here! That's awesome! I missed you so much! Ah, wait where are my good manners.« Liam mumbled and turned to his friends. Zayn, Louis and Harry. »Lads, this's Chloë. Chloë; Zayn, Louis and Harry.« I waved at the lads but stood at the door like a total idiot. But Niall pushed me in and lay down my bags. »Welcome to London!« He said grinning. »Wanna have some tea?« He looked at me, with his blue eyes, waiting for my response. I nodded softly, I was lost in his eyes. And in this moment I finally knew I missed him. 

  »I'm so happy that you're here! I missed you so much, Chloë!« Niall said and hugged me again, he didn't stop the last hour. We sat in his living room. A beautiful one. With light green walls and beautiful pictures from his family. »I think I go to the loo. Wait here.« Niall said smiling and rushed to the loo. I used these two minutes to look at the pictures. They were taken in greyscale. I saw Maura, Bobby and Greg. Niall. Niall and the lads. Niall and Justin Bieber. Niall and Michael Bublé. Every single picture was taken in greyscale. Except one. A beautiful one. I looked at it. And I remembered the day, like it has been yesterday...

  »No! Niall! No!!!« I screamed full of panic. Niall pulled me at my wrist, wanted to throw me into the cold lake. »Forget it!« I laughed and wrestled with him until he gave up. I sat on his belly, just wore my royal blue bikini and tickled him. »Stop! Chloë! Please!« Niall screamed hysterically and laughed. »Stop! Why are ye doing this to me?« He then asked and threw me on my back. Now it was his turn to tickle me, until I'd die. 
  It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, no rainy and grey cloud in view and just Niall and me enjoying a Saturday afternoon at a lake. »I'm hungry!« I screamed and Niall stopped. »Me too, let's eat something.« He got up from my body and reached for the bag with the food Maura made for us. »Cheese? Ham? Tuna? Which sandwich do ye want?« Niall asked me and pulled some out. »Ham, please. And do we have Coke with us?« I asked him hopefully. He nodded and pulled out a bottle of Coke. »You can drink first.« He said and passed me the bottle. After our little, but delicious, meal I sun bathed, while Niall was taking pictures. I hoped he didn't take some of me, because if he'd do, I'd kill him. I swore it. 
  »Chloë? Are ye sleeping?« He stood right in front of me, keeping the sun away from my body. »No, Niall. And you are standing right in front of me, I need tan.« I mumbled half asleep. Niall sighed and stepped away from the place he was standing. »I want to take a picture with you. Stand up! I swear, after it you can sun bath or we can drive home, cos you look very tired!« He told me to convince. I sighed frustrated but stood up. »Alright. Let's take a picture.« I said, photoshootings've never been mine. I didn't like it. And Niall knew that. 
  »Okay, so love. Stand here, right beside me. If the first one is horrible, we can take another one, and so on. Okay?« He asked and looked at me waiting for me to answer him. I nodded and he pulled me closer to him. »Say cheese!« Niall said and grinned, I just looked at him, smiled and didn't hear how he took a picture. »That's nice, Chloë!« He said when he looked at the camera. »Wow. You look beautiful.« Niall smiled lightly and looked at me. »I like it, I stay with that. You're free for the rest of the evening. What do ye want to do?« He put the camera into the bag and sat down on the ground. 
  »Let's go home, get something warm to eat and watch a film?« I asked and Niall nodded as an answer, stood up and gave me a kiss on my forehead. »I'll never leave you. You're too special.« He mumbled and held me tight.

 I wiped my tears away and turned around, when I heard Niall coming. I'll never leave you. You're too special. These two sentences were running around in my head and it hurt. 


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