Black Marble

This is a fantasy I have been working on. I haven't gotten past the epilogue but I wanted to see what people thought before I continued. If you comment and tell me what you think I will be more motivated to continue.


1. Servant of the Black King

Redirk watched nervously as Caelunn absentmindedly traced the scar on his cheek with his forefinger. The tall man lounged in his throne, fidgeting as he pondered many dark things. Redirk dared not even guess what they were.
Caelunn's silver Kireyahnain skin gleamed in the light of the blue flames that shot out of the lanps at his side. He was not aware of Redirk's presence. The cowardly man was loath to interrupt his master, but he was even more afraid to defy his order.
"My lord..." he said, barely above a whisper. Caelunn blinked, but made no sign of recognition. Redirk nervously fussed with the blood red tassels that served as a belt for his long robe.
He tried again. "My lord Caelunn, you sent for me."
"Yes," came Caelunn's deep voice. "Indeed I have."
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