Prom Date

It was prom night at your school and you nor your best friend Louis both didn't have a date for it. You both had a little crush on each other while growing up however what you didn't know is that he had the same feelings for you...


1. Walking To School

"Hey Y/N!" shouted Louis. You both walked to school together everyday because you only lived round the corner of him. His hair was as brown as chocolate and his sparkling sea green eyes with a hint of blue to add on top of all that. He was one of those boys who all the girls had a crush on him and you were just very lucky to have been his bestfriend, he was always nicknamed the ' swagmaster from Doncaster' (you nicknamed him Lou or Boobear though) because of his sassy ways, although everybody loved him for that.

Barely hearing him calling your name, you daydreamt him in slow motion until he clicked his soft hands in your face. "Huh?!? Oh sorry Lou just thinking about something Miss. Jones said to me. What have we got period 1?" "Erm... I think we have Maths sadly but we aren't really doing anything because Mrs. Charting hasn't been in all week so we have the supply teacher again - Mr. Tongo." He replied "So have you chosen anybody to go with to the prom?" "Nobody, don't even think I'm going to go to be honest" you said jogging along to school with him before you miss period 1.


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