Prom Date

It was prom night at your school and you nor your best friend Louis both didn't have a date for it. You both had a little crush on each other while growing up however what you didn't know is that he had the same feelings for you...



Going through the school day was always horrible without Louis to protect you, you got pushed into locker doors making clashing doors, missing lessons and picking your books of the floor. If Louis was there, he would push them back into the lockers and making them pick your books of the floor again, thats why he was your best friend.

You were looking at many posters on the school walls for some clubs and then you saw the Prom Poster.


12th August 7:00pm

Don't forget to find a prom date!

You were hoping to take Louis but decided he would of already found a date for it so your chances weren't very high. You also didn't want to destroy your friendship between each-other. Scared you would be rejected and humiliated too.

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