Sweet secret love

A sweet story about a secret love between a Bradford Bad Boy and his goody-two shoes study mate/neighbour. Will her family find out and stop him from creating a 'bad influence' on her? Or will they find a way to make their love last?


3. Finding out

"Open the door Sophie!now!"exclaimed her dad banging the door down.Sophie ignores the pounding on the door and finds the nearest place to hide under. It was the table she hid under it and let the door open she was so quite you could hear a pin drop. After that,he looked in the room next to hers and Sophie quickly jumped out the room as quite as a mouse and ran downstairs to tell her mum.she told her mum about it and she let out a big gasp.Until Sophie saw zayn she ran to him.
"Zayn help my dad is trying to find me and I am downstairs and he thinks I'm upstairs!" I yelled as I curled into zayns chest.He gave me a big kiss and ran upstairs to tell my dad I was fureus how could dad do all this to me he new I like smart and sweet and cute boys so why did he bother to ruin my life? Why did he?

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