Sweet secret love

A sweet story about a secret love between a Bradford Bad Boy and his goody-two shoes study mate/neighbour. Will her family find out and stop him from creating a 'bad influence' on her? Or will they find a way to make their love last?


2. Dating him

Chapter 2:dating him

The next morning I woke up I went into the kitchen and Zayn wasn't there I had asked dad were he is but dad thought I was checking him out so he never told me.I looked all around when finally I found him he was outside talking to our neighbour I wasn't sure if he fancied her but I gave him a gesture and he ran to me and I told him what dad had said to me and he said I had told you I turned around and he had grabbed my arm and swung my arm back around and curled me around him and he gave me a big kiss I was in heaven I couldn't believe that had just happened. The neighbours face was screwed up shocked I think she fancied him but I didn't say a thing. I ran upstairs.Until I saw Zayn follow me.
"Zayn dad said we can't date"I said in a gasp this weren't supposed to be happening. I turned around and dad was looking right at me.I couldn't believe this was happening I ran to the bedroom and locked my door I was terrified
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