Sweet secret love

A sweet story about a secret love between a Bradford Bad Boy and his goody-two shoes study mate/neighbour. Will her family find out and stop him from creating a 'bad influence' on her? Or will they find a way to make their love last?


1. Meeting him

Chapter 1: meeting him.

In the morning,I woke up feeling terrible ugly and rubbish,until I woke up to go downstairs.All I could see was dad giving a explanation of what to do to a 19 year old teenage boy
"Dad who is this ?"I whispered in his ear "I have never seen him before and he does not look familiar"
"Oh hello dear are you awake now this is zayn malik he is 19 and he is from Bradford West Yorkshire,"he answered " Zayn would you like to shake my daughters hand her name is sophie,"
"Yes sir"said zayn shaking my hand and smiling at me."hello Sophie,"
"Mum were shall I sit?"I asked my mum .
" Just sit next to zayn he won't bite!"
She replied.I started laghing and sat next to him.After a while,when dad finished his lecture, Zayn wrote a note and passed it to me it said:
Hello Sophie you look beautiful i really do think that I can't actually say it to you because your dad said I can't have contact with you because I get into relationships easily so I have to stay away anyway you are gorgeus.
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