Beatrice and Carly have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been through a lot together including there daily bulling at school. They both love one direction and have always dreamed of meeting them. What will hapen when they finally do meet them. Will it bw how they always dreamed it would be? Or wil they end up leaving the boys forever. This is there story.


12. X-rays

Beatrice's POV

I was having a really good dream when i smelt eggs and bacon. I woke up and got out of bed slowly. I decided to follow my nose , so i trudged towards the smell. I walked towards the living room. I saw Niall, Harry,and Carly on the couch and Louis and Zayn sitting in the two chairs. Everyone was laughing and having fun. "Hey look who finally decided to get up." said Harry with his arm around Carly. "What time is it?" i asked with my stupid morning voice. "Erm its.... 11 pm" said Louis looking at his watch. "PM?!?!?!?" i said waking up a little more. "Oh sorry AM." said Louis cracking up. "That's quite the lovely look you got there Bea." said Niall looking like he was gonna burst. "Ugh, i ALWAYS look terrible in the morning." i groaned. "Carls would you mind taking a picture of my hair so i can see how bad it looks?" "Its looks fine Bea." said Carly. "Yea sure please just take a picture so i can see." "Why don't you go to the bathroom?' said Niall while Carly took the picture. "Because i'm here and its so far away." i complained. Everyone laughed at that. I looked at the picture Carly took and said "Ewwww my hair looks horrible." I got up and walked into the bathroom brushed my hair then put it up in a bun. Then i walked back into the living room, we all started to talk.Then Liam stumbled out into the room, "Good morning...." said Liam half awake.  "Hey look Liam's up now!" said Harry. "Hey who wants to go shopping?" asked Zayn "Cool! I love shopping!" i said. "okay lets go get dressed and then lets go!" said Louis. We all got dressed and then Niall said, "Hey Bea take this," as he handed me a sweatshirt "Just so the paparazzi and fans don't find us." "okay thanks." i said putting on his sweatshirt which was HUGE on me. We got into Louis car , Louis was driving, Liam was in the passenger seat, Harry Carly and Zayn in the middle, and Niall and me in the back. "So are we gonna shop for anything in particular?" said Louis from the front "Nah i'm just looking." i said "Yeah same." said Carly. All of a sudden Cher Lloyd came on the radio, it was Swagger Jagger. I absolutely Cher Lloyd, i started to hum along. "Are you singing?!?" asked Carly shocked "No i'm just humming." i responded "Oh well you should sing." "C'mon Carls you know i dont sing." "Please for me." Said Liam. "I'm sorry liam but I don't sing." "Awww" he said. We continued to drive in silence and listen to the radio. We got to the mall and then louis parked the car. We all put our hoods up and sunglasses on then got out of the car. We walked into the mall and then Zayn asked "Where to first?" "I dunno, why dont we just wander?" Harry suggested. So we wondered the mall for a few hours. After wondering the ,all for a few hours we decided to make our way to the exit. We were right by the exit when someone yelled, "OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!" there were a bunch of fans and they all started to sprint after us. We turned around and saw the giant mob heading our way and niall yelled "RUN!!!!" and with that we sprinted towards the exit and ran towards the car. We were really close to the car when i tripped and tumbled to the ground. Niall ran back to me,as everyone else continued to the car. Niall picked me up and gave me a piggy back ride to the car. Once we got in the car the fans surrounded us and were screaming and pounding on the windows. "Hey Bea you okay?" asked a tired Carly "Yeah that was quite the fall." said Harry who was out of breath. "Yeah im fine. Thanks." i said. I too was out of breath. "You sure love?" asked Liam "Yeah im sure. No big deal." i said back gaining back my breath. "Hey Beatrice i think your ankle is bleeding." said Zayn pointing at my ankle . Everyone looked down and sure enough my ankle was bleeding it was also turning black and blue. "That looks pretty bad. You sure you dont want to go to the doctors or the hospital?" asked Louis "I think i just wanna wait it out and then see." i said because i really was not in the mood to go back to the hospital, again. "Okay. We can wait and see."  said Niall trying to get everyone to stop because he could tell i was getting annoyed. I'm not a huge fan of attention. After the fans cleared out we drove back to the flat. Niall gave me a piggy back ride into the flat and then set me down on the couch. 


Niall's POV 

We walked into the flat and i put Beatrice on the couch. I lay a pillow out and she lay her foot on it. As her foot came in contact with the pillow she flinched a little. "I"m gonna go get you some ice Beatrice." said Liam walking into the kitchen. Liam walked back with some ice wrapped in a towel. He gently placed it on Beatrice's ,bloody and swollen, ankle and she winced. "You sure you don't want to get some medical help?" Everyone sat down around Beatrice and Louis, who noticed Beatrice flinch, asked with concern "You sure you don't want to at least see a doctor love?" "yes," sighed Beatrice "Im fine." she had a really annoyed look on her face. I understand why she doesn't want to go back to a doctor but Louis and everyone is just trying to help her, i honestly think she should at least get it cleaned up and wrapped. "Bea," i said turning her attention to me "I think that you should see if you can stand or put pressure on you foot and if you cant, and i hate to say this, i think you should get it checked out proper." Beatrice looked a little annoyed but she just let out a sigh and said "Okay." "Good. I'll come back in a few minutes and we will check on your foot." i said getting up. We all walked out to the backyard and we all sat down at our table we had out there. "Anyone fancy doing a twitcam?" said Carly breaking the silence. "Sure!" said Harry pulling out his phone and going on twitter. He read aloud what he was typing "Hey everyone, the boys and i are going to be doing a twitcam with a special guest! be sure to watch!" and then he tweeted it. Next, Harry walked into thee house quickly and came back out with his computer. we got on twitter and started the twitcam. "Hello everybody!" said Liam waving his hand at the computer screen. We introduced Carly to everyone, only a few people had actually seen her at the mall.  We sat by the computer and acted like idiots for a while. Then we answered some questions. Liam got up and went to check on Beatrice and i went with him. 


Liams POV

I got up from the twitcam and went inside to check on Beatrice and Niall followed behind me. "Hey Beatrice wanna see if you can put pressure on you foot?" I asked "Yeah sure." said Beatrice Both Niall and i stood on either side of Beatrice and helped her up, we let go of her hands. Beatrice stood upright for about 2 or 3 seconds before falling over. I quickly bent down and helped her up, then sat her back down on the couch. "Well i hate to say this but i think we should go to the doctor and get you checked out." said Niall "No" whined Beatrice "I dont wanna." "C'mon Beatrice its for your own good." i said "But Liam, Niall i dont wanna. Please." pleaded Beatrice "Nope your going," said Niall not caving in. "You will go if i have to carry you out." Beatrice looked at me with pleading eyes and then i looked over at Niall and nodded. Niall picked up Beatrice and threw her over his shoulder. She playfully screamed and yelled, "Liam! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS."  i just walked behind them laughing, Beatrice is so cute but i have Danielle. We walked into the car and i texted the rest of the boys to say where we were going. i sat up front and drove and Niall sat in the back with Beatrice. We drove to the nearest doctor. I parked the car and got out then, Niall got out and picked up Beatrice but this time bridal style  We walked in and waited in the waiting room for about 15 minutes and then the doctor came and got us. The doctor had Beatrice sit on the examination table, "So what seems to be the issue?" asked the doctor. I dont know how she didnt see Beatrice's ankle. "Uh..well..Beatrice fell and twisted her ankle. Its swollen and it was bloody, but we cleaned it up." "Okay well lets have a look." said the doctor looking at Beatrice's ankle, "Hmm, Uh huh, okay." Said the doctor examining Beatrice's ankle and writing down notes on her papers. "So?" asked Beatrice who was looking rather pale. "I will have to take you into the x-ray to get an x-ray done on you." Beatrice got a really worried look on her face, im guessing she didnt like x-rays. The doctor left to get a wheel chair and Niall asked, "Do you not like x-rays?" "Yeah you look really worried." i added "W-well its just i only had one done before and it was terrible." answered Beatrice "Would you mind telling us the story?" I asked hesitantly. She explained her story and by the time she finished she was shaking. 


Nialls POV

Beatrice had just finished telling her encounter with x-rays and she was literally shaking. I leaned over and hugged her and so did Liam. The doctor came back in and said they were ready to take her into the x-ray room. Beatrice tensed up and grabbed my hand. "Hey your gonna do great." i said hugging her and kissing her on the cheek. Then Liam walked over and said "if you do this i will buy you anything you want." Beatrice smiled and said "Anything?" Liam held Beatrice's hand in his and said with a simple nod, "Anything." he held Beatrice's hand up to his lips and kissed her hand. Then they walked or wheeled Beatrice out of the room. 

~time passes~ 

The doctor brought Beatrice back into the room. "We are going to need to wait a few minutes to get the results back,so i will need you guys to wait patently in here." said the doctor. "Okay." replied Beatrice. Soon after the doctor left the rest of the boys and Carly showed up. "Beatrice!" Carly said "I heard what happened. How was the x-ray? Are you okay? Do you-" "Hey, hey one question at a time." said Harry cutting her off. We sat and talked until the doctor came back with the results. "Okay it looks like you are going to need a cast and some crutches Ms. Miller." (A/N hey sorry quick authors note Beatrice's last name is Miller and Carly's is Sonenclar, as in Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar) "Okay." replied Beatrice "Im going to have to ask the rest of you to step outside for the time being." "Of course doctor." I said as we all walked outside. I turned and blew a kiss to Beatrice, she smiled and giggled a little. 


~time passes~ 

Carly's P.O.V. 

When i found out that Beatrice had to get an x-ray done i made Harry drive us to the hospital. Then when i got here i rushed up to Beatrice's room to find Beatrice sitting on the hospital bed talking with Liam and Niall. I was so worried i started asking her lots of questions and then Harry stopped me. Beatrice answered my questions and then the doctor came back in a said that Beatrice was going to need a cast and crutches. We are now all waiting in the hallway so Beatrice can get her cast on. I was pacing back and forth "Calm down babe," said Harry who was sitting down "Shes gonna be fine. Come sit with me." he patted his lap signifying he wanted me to sit on his lap. So i walked over and sat on his lap. "Now relax." he said i let out a deep sigh. "Now, dont you feel better?" "Yes, thank you Harry i said." yes i do thank you Harold." he laughed and kissed me on the cheek. *buzz* *buzz* i looked down at my phone and saw a message from Niall. I looked over and then down at my phone again

Nialler- Hey 

Carly- Hey whats up?

Nialler- Umm can i talk to you 

Carly- now? 

Nialler- yeah, either by text or in person

Carly- lets keep texting so no one get suspicious 

Nialler- k

Carly- so what did you want

Nialler- i have a question...

Carly- what about?

Nialler- beatrice 

Carly- okay shoot

Nailler- before you knew us personally...which one of us did she like?

Nialler- like which one did she talk about dating/marrying 

Carly- uh tbh she like Liam since 2008 but then when she saw you audition she liked you. So i think both you and Liam

Nialler- oh okay thanks

Carly- yeah no prob Nialler

After waiting for about an hour the doctor came out and said we could go see her. We walked in and saw Beatrice lying on the bead with her foot elevated. She's such a wonderful girl who ended up having a horrible life. I feel so bad for her. "Mrs. Miller you may leave in  10 minutes." said the doctor "okay." beatrice replied weakly. Her eyes were droopy and she just looked weak. "Hey Bea how are you?" Liam asked in his soft sweet voice. "Im tired and i just want to go home." Beatrice said and now she looked as if she were on the verge of crying. "Hey we can go home in 10 minutes okay angel?" Niall said as well. Beatrice smiled a little and nodded her head. Ten minutes passed and the doctor came back and said we could leave. Liam helped Beatrice up and Niall handed her her crutches. Beatrice was struggling with her crutches. "Im gonna go pull the car up, okay?" Niall asked "Yeah cool." Liam replied, he had stayed behind helping Beatrice. "You guys go home we'll catch up to you." Beatrice said. "You sure?" i asked "Yeah, positive." she replied. We left Liam and Beatrice and went home.


Beatrices P.O.V. 

Ugh crutches are so annoying and hard to use. We finally made it to the car, "Hey sorry about being so slow." i said turning to Liam  "Its no big deal. You looked cute trying to use crutches, like a deer walking for the first time." he replied smiling. He helped  me into the car, this time he sat in the back with me while Niall drove. We drove home in silence when wee got home i was so tired and out of energy Niall had to carry me in. Niall carried me into his room and lay me on the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow i fell a sleep.



Hellooooooooo! Sorry to keep you guys wait! I know i havent updated in a long time so heres a long chapter for you. 


also sorry for the crappy chapter name. i didnt know what to name it. 

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