Beatrice and Carly have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been through a lot together including there daily bulling at school. They both love one direction and have always dreamed of meeting them. What will hapen when they finally do meet them. Will it bw how they always dreamed it would be? Or wil they end up leaving the boys forever. This is there story.


5. Waking Up

Carly's POV 

The doctor has been giving us weekly updates on Beatrice and the boys have kept in touch while i continued with school. Harry is really dreamy, i could get lost in his eyes just about anytime. Harry and i have hung out a little on our own and we often visit Beatrice when we are both free. Niall is worried sick about Beatrice he hasn't been himself lately. He doesn't eat as much (he even turns down Nandos), he also isn't happy crazy all the time, and lastly he doesn't get a lot of sleep. He is constantly at the hospital and talking to Beatrice(because we know she can hear us). The doctor told me, and only me so far, that Beatrice should be waking up soon but no guarantee. So i've decided not to tell Niall right away. 


Niall's POV

Beatrice has been in a coma for about a week and a half now. I cant sleep all i can think about is her and getting to meet the real her. I don't want to do anything but sit by her side and wait for her to wake up. Every time the doctor tells us about her improving i go and spend at least and hour with her trying to wake her. Yeah i know shes in a coma and there's nothing we can do to wake her but wait but i cant help it i just love her so much! 


Beatrice's POV

I have no idea how long I've been asleep or if i'm even still alive. But im pretty sure that i'm alive because i hear lots of people talking from time. Carly comes to visit often but i know she has school and all so im not to upset. But when she does visit i can tell shes really concerned  about me. Carly usually come with who im pretty sure is Harry Styles. At first i wasn't sure if one direction is actually visiting me but they mentioned it once and they've all said their names at some point. Niall spends the most time visiting me.  Sometimes he sits there and talks to me, other times he tells me whats going on outside of the hospital, and sometimes he just sits there holding my hand in silence. 


Harry POV 

Carly was so beautiful from the minute i saw her i fell instantly in love. She's so amazing i just love her so much, but how do i know if she feels the same way. Her and Beatrice must have a strong relationship(as friends of course) she obviously cares a lot about her. I wish Beatrice would wake up so Niall would go back to being his old self. I think he secretly fancies her. Carly told me about what the doctor had said about Beatrice possibly waking up soon. I promised not to tell anyone especially Niall. Carly and i decided to go visit Beatrice again. We were just sitting when she started to mumble something. We couldn't quite make out what she was saying. Hopefully this was a good sign. We called the doctor into the room and he did a quick check  up and said she was improving tremendously and the talking was a good sign. We stayed for a little while longer to see if she would speak again. After a little while we heard Beatrice mumble "carly,carly....." Carly stopped what she was doing and looked  "carly are they okay... my siblings are they okay...." she seemed kinda worried for a half conscious girl. "Yeah they are fine Beatrice, Theyre fine. Its okay dont worry." Carly responded trying to soothe her. "okay..." Beatrice started to mumble something but her voice just trailed off. Oh well at least we know shes getting better. We decided to let Niall know she was doing better and kind of talking now as we were leaving. Niall said he would be there to check on her but would be back in time for dinner hopefully.


Nialls POV 

Beatrice is talking now Harry and Carly told me. Thats got to be a good sign. I headed over to the hospital to see her. After arriving at the hospital i went up to her room and sat down next to her and held her hand in mine and started to talk to her. "Niall..." she mumbled "is that you?" man her accent is so beautiful, im pretty sure she's irish. "Yeah its me love." i said back to her. "Hi Niall." she said she was struggling to get the words out but it still sounded beautiful  "Hi Beatrice." i said back to her "niall..i..." She stopped talking before she could say anymore. Oh well at least she knows i'm here for her and now she has something worth waking up for. Me, carly, the boys, and her siblings. i hope she wakes up soon. I drove home to have dinner at our flat. Carly was staying the night again like she has for the past week or so. At dinner we talked about Beatrice and filled them in on what was happening. "She, she said my name." i told the boys "She sounded really concerned. She was like: Niall is that you? and when i told her it was me she said hi and then kinda fell a sleep again and stopped talking." 


Liam POV 

Niall seemed to be returning to his old self again, that was good. I think Beatrice talking helped to reassure him that she was going to make it. Niall was eating like his normal self so maybe he'll get a normal amount of sleep. I decided that after dinner i would visit Beatrice on my own for once. So after dinner i made my way to the hospital to see Beatrice. After i got to the hospital i found my way to Beatrice's room. I sat down and started to talk to her. "So Beatrice i-" "Liam?" she asked faintly as she cut me off. "Yeah love." "Wheres carly?" "Erm shes at home." she kinda faded away after that remark. So i decided to text Carly 

Me: Hey Carls Beatrice asked about you.

Carlyxx: Really?

Me: Yea she asked where you were.

Carlyxx: cool. should i come over? to you know see her?

Me: Yea but come alone i think its best if you have some alone time with her.

Carlyxx: ok ill be there soon

Me: k :)

In the time that i waited for Carly to show i played with Beatrice's hair and held her hand in my hand and kept telling everything was going to be okay. Then Carly showed up. I hugged her then left her alone with Beatrice. 


Carly POV 

"Hey Bea how you doin?" i asked "good, i.. i... wanna wake up." "Its okay you will eventually and dont worry your brothers and sisters are okay." "ok thank you carly" "for what" "For everything..." after that she kinda fell a sleep. Well her conversations are getting longer thats gotta be good. I sure hope she wakes up soon for everyone's sake.


Beatrice's POV

Today Harry and Carly visited me in the morning and i discovered i can talk,kind of. The first thing i said/mumbled was Niall, but i don't think any one could tell what i said.  Then later around lunch time Niall came and talked to me for an hor or so,i managed to say a few things to him. Man i wish that i could just open my eyes already and see Carly and everyone again. Then a little while after Niall left Liam showed up alone. i asked for Carly i feel bad but i just really needed her to be there with me. So Carly showed up and shes with me currently. 


Harrys POV

Carly texted me around midnight and told me to come pick her up. So i drove out to pick her up and quickly see Beatrice again. So i picked up Carly and said hi to Beatrice but she was sound a sleep so she didnt respond. We drove home and Carly fell a sleep while we were driving home. We got home and Carly was still sleeping. She looked so peaceful i didnt want to wake her so i walked around to the passengers side and got Carly out and carried her into our bedroom (no we arent "sleeping together we just share a bed) i laid her on the bed and tucked her in as i went to go chat with the boys. I kissed Carly on the forehead and then went out into the living room. 


Nialls POV

I decided that first thing in the morning i would go to the hospital and i wasnt leaving until Beatrice woke up. Carly and Harry had finally told me she should wake up completely soon so i wanted to be the first thing she saw when she woke up. I ate a small breakfast and started to drive to the hospital. I dont know why but today of all days our fans decided to surround the hospital. Dont get me wrong i love our fans but i really just want to be alone with Beatrice right now. So i parked outside the hospital and called for my bodyguard to hold the fans back. After the bodyguard showed up i made my way up to her room. I sat down next to Beatrice and started to stroke her hair and start singing moments quietly. She looked like a angel just laying down there. Man i really love this girl. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Beatrice started to stir a little. I think she was starting to wake up! Her eyes opened and she said " Vas happenin Niall." 

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