Beatrice and Carly have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been through a lot together including there daily bulling at school. They both love one direction and have always dreamed of meeting them. What will hapen when they finally do meet them. Will it bw how they always dreamed it would be? Or wil they end up leaving the boys forever. This is there story.


9. News

Niall's POV 

The doctor told us that Beatrice's blood pressure dropped severely do to her blood loss, he also said that she now could possibly suffer from hypertension. She looked so scared when all of this was happening. I feel really bad she just a a poor innocent little beautiful girl. She definitely outdoes deserve any of this, i really do feel bad for her. I wish there was something i could do for her. I just sat there playing with her hair and sing quietly to her until she woke up. She started to stir a little and then she turned over and looked at me and said "Niall what time is it?"" "Erm its 11:00." "PM?!?!" "No am silly." "Oh good." she said with relief. "Are you hungry love?" i asked her "Erm sure that would be great i'm starving." "OK cool ill go get some food," i said "Because the food here is terrible!" she laughed at that. "So what do you want love?" "Erm is there a Nandos near here," she asked politely "Because i love Nandos and i haven't had any in FOREVER!" "Yeah. Ill go get some Nandos for you." i asked her what she wanted then i left the hospital and drove to Nandos  I pulled up to Nandos and put up my hood so i wouldn't be noticed by fans. I ordered the food then drove back to the hospital. I walked up to Beatrice's room and gave her the food. We ate and talked a little then the boys  and Carly walked in with the doctor. "Hey guys." said Carly. "Nothing really," said Beatrice "Niall got some Nandos." "That's cool." said Zayn. " So why are you all here its like the middle of the day? Carly shouldn't you be in school?" "Well Beatrice," said Liam with a look of concern on his face "The doctor called us all here." Beatrice got a look of concern on her face as she grabbed for my hand. I sat down next to her and held on to her hand. Man she must have been really scared because she was squeezing on to my hand pretty hard. "Beatrice," said the doctor "I have some news for you..." 

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