Beatrice and Carly have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been through a lot together including there daily bulling at school. They both love one direction and have always dreamed of meeting them. What will hapen when they finally do meet them. Will it bw how they always dreamed it would be? Or wil they end up leaving the boys forever. This is there story.


6. Happy Day

Nialls POV

"Vas happenin Niall." she said first thing. She was even more beautiful awake. Again her accent is so beautiful im gonna have to ask her where she's from, im pretty sure its and irish accent though. "So Beatrice whats it like to be awake finally?" i asked her "Its good i guess. Im pretty tired though." "How??" i asked laughing a little. "I dont really know. Im tired but i really dont want to sleep its boring." i laughed at that. She is just so cute sitting there and her eyes. Oh her eyes are so beautiful i could get lost in them. "Do you want me to call Carly for you?" " You know Carly?"  she asked "Yeah she kinda hang with us now. Her and Harry have gotten really close if you know what i mean." i said hinting at there growing relationship. She laughed and the whole room just lit up. Her laugh is just so beautiful. I wish she was mine, but she probably already has a boyfriend i mean shes just so beautiful. I decide to text Harry and tell him to bring Carly to the hospital but dont tell her that Beatrice woke up. Harry said he would be there soon with Carly and the rest of the boys. Beatrice and i talked a little waiting for everyone to show up. Not soon after we start to talk the boys and Carly walk in. "BEATRICE!!!!!" she screamed "CARLY!" Carly ran over to Beatrice's bed and hugged her. They were obviously were VERY happy to see each other again. 


Beatrice POV

"Vas happenin Niall." I said. "So Beatrice whats it like to be awake finally?"he asked me "Its good i guess. Im pretty tired though." "How??"he asked laughing a little. "I dont really know. Im tired but i really dont want to sleep its boring." he laughed at that. His laugh was so cute. His accent was so dreamy i just loved it so much. I bet he likes someone else and not me. I mean why would NIALL HORAN like me, Beatrice. Niall and i talked a little and he offered to call Carly for me so of course i asked if/how he knew Carly he explained everything.  We talked for a little and then Carly walked in "BEATRICE!!!!!" "CARLY!!!!" i yelled back. Carly came over and hugged me. 


Carly POV

We were just hangin at the flat when Harry got a text. He looked at his phone and then quickly replied. "Who was that?" i asked "Oh no one love." he said as he kissed me on the cheek. He asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes! Im dating Harry Styles! Harry told us to get in the car because we were going somewhere. i went with Harry and the boys followed behind us. Harry wouldn't tell me where we were going but he seemed really serious and focused on where he was driving. We pulled up to the hospital. Oh no i thought i hope Beatrice is ok! We walked in and i grabbed for harry's hand and we walked up to Beatrice's room with the boys trailing behind us. Harry reaches for the door knob and opens the door. To My surprise Beatrice was awake and talking to Niall. "BEATRICE!!!" i yelled. She stopped talking to Niall and looked at the door "CARLY!!!!!!" she yelled back. I ran over and hugged her. We hugged for a long time i didnt want to let go because i was afraid of losing her again. I was just so happy to have my best friend back that i forgot to stop hugging her, Harry had to walk over and detach me fro  her. "Sorry," i said a little embarrassed "Im just happy to finally have my best friend back." 

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