Beatrice and Carly have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been through a lot together including there daily bulling at school. They both love one direction and have always dreamed of meeting them. What will hapen when they finally do meet them. Will it bw how they always dreamed it would be? Or wil they end up leaving the boys forever. This is there story.


19. Getting ready

(A/N i have a lot of pictures in this chapter..sorry if its annoying. i just didnt feel like describing the dresses and all that, and this way I dont have to worry about not describing it how i wanted to! Sorry im lazy! Anyway enjoy!!) 


Nialls P.O.V.

We finally got back to the flat when Beatrice said "I just remembered! I have nothing to wear! I cant go!" "Im sure El and Dani have something of theirs in Louis and Liam's closets that they wouldn't mind sharing." I replied, i was not letting her get out of this dinner. I got out of the car and walked over to her side. I opened her door and picked her up "Niall, i am capable of walking you know." She said looking into my eyes. "I just wanna make sure you get inside safely and don't injure yourself anymore." I responded staring back into her beautiful icy blue eyes. We walked inside to be greeted by Zayn screaming "THEY'RE HOME!" as he jumped out of his seat and threw his arms in the air. This made us both laugh as well as everyone else. Liam must've noticed a bruise on Beatrice's face and said "What happened?" "Oh we went to Beatrice's house-" I started to explain but Liam cut me off "YOU WENT  TO HER HOUSE!?!" He screamed. "Liam calm down babe." Dani said rubbing his back. "Thats what she wanted to do," I said continuing my story "She was feeling homsick and missed her brothers and sisters." I told the rest of my story and everyone loked like they were going to cry. "Oh my gosh Beatrice!" Carly said running over to hug her. I set Beatrice down on the floor so she could hug her. "Im fine really." She said before being hugged by her friend. Beatrice groaned and had a pained looked on her face "A-are you okay?" Carly asked with corcern. "Fine." She responded. "Okay well girls Beatrice needs a dress for tonight-" I was starting to say when El squealed and jumped up "Yay! C'mon i have  bunch of dresses in Lou's closet that would look FABULOUS on you! And i have all my make up! Oh and my shoes! Oh and my bags! Yayy! Cmon girls lets go!" she said running to hers and Louis' room. Carly and Dani followed behind her dragging Beatrice along with them. 


Eleanor's P.O.V.

Niall had said that Beatrice needed a dress and i became so happy! I love fashion and makeup and all your typical girly stuff. "Okay, sit, make yourself comfy! I said as Carly and Dani plopped Beatrice onto the bed. I walked over to my closet and opened it "Woah!" I heard Beatrice say quietly. I walked into the closet and came back out with a few dresses. "Okay so as you can see i have a bunch of choices. So you can try them all on and we will judge and you can decide which on you like!" I said all happy. "Okay." Beatrice sad walking into the bathroom. Soon she came out wearing one of my dresses i gave her. 

(thats the first dress i imagine her wearing) "Oh Beatrice it looks amazing!" Dani said. "Turn around! Spin for us!" Carly said. I just stood there looking her up and down and making sure the dress was just right for her. I know Niall fancies her and I'm pretty sure she may fancy Niall and i really want them to date! So she needs to look absolutely perfect! "I don't know.." I say hesitating on making my decision. "Try on some more." I say sending her back in. Shortly after sending her back in she came back out with a  light blue dress on. 


(Imagine she tried on both dresses at separate times.) "Oh i love that color blue!" Carly said. "You don't seem like a blue person." Dani said "Yeah it doesn't really suit you" I add. Then she came out with almost the exact dress on but in pink. "No." We all said immediately. She tried on a few more that we didn't really like. "Well that's it." Beatrice said after she came out with the last dress on. "Wait right there." I said walking into my closet and grabbing one of my most amazing dresses. 


"Try this." I said handing her a white dress. She went in the bathroom and tried on the dress. The second she came out i knew it was the right dress for her. "Oh Beatrice! Yes! It looks amazing! Definitely! What do you think guys? Yes? Yes!" I said enthusiastically and gull of energy. "You look amazing in that dress!" Carly said in awe. "That's defiantly the one! Love it!" Dani said. "Now for the makeup and all that!" I said as we all walk into the bathroom.  



Beatrice's POV 

I put on the last dress El gave me and i have to admit, I looked really good in it. Now we were doing make up, hair, and accessories.  It took a while but the end product was amazing. She also managed to cover up the bruises and red marks on my face. I had a light shade of pink makeup on and my hair was curled loosely. Then Danielle pulled back two little stands and clipped it in the back of my head. "I have shoes your size! C'mon El!" Carly said running out of the room with El, they giggled the whole time. "So, i take it you guys have a reason for doing all this?" I ask Danielle. "I actually dont know, i just like doing all this stuff." She explained "Oh okay, well i'm assuming El has some sort of reason." i say. El and Carly came back with some really pretty shoes. Once we were all done we walked out into the living room. "Wow" Liam and Niall said at once. "You look great." Louis said "Why thank you Lou," I said with a smile and blushing a little. "Well, lets go." Harry said. We all walked outside and walked intot the limo and drove off to the restaurant. 


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