Beatrice and Carly have been friends for as long as they can remember. They've been through a lot together including there daily bulling at school. They both love one direction and have always dreamed of meeting them. What will hapen when they finally do meet them. Will it bw how they always dreamed it would be? Or wil they end up leaving the boys forever. This is there story.


3. Finding Her

Nialls POV

I was just walking in the park getting fresh air when I stepped in something slippery. I looked down and saw a girl surrounded by blood. *Buzz buzz* *buzz buzz* *buzz buzz* her phone was vibrating like crazy. i saw it and picked it up. It said 50 new messages from Carly. they all read something like:

Carly: hey im ready to pick you up

Carly: Where are you

Carly You ok?

Carly: Answer me!

Carly:youre scaring me. Answer

and many more. This wasnt good. I decided to text the girl back using this phone. i said:

Me: Hey this is Niall Horan, i think i found your friend.

Carly: r u messing with me?

Me: no seriously its Niall Horan i think your friend is in trouble. 

While i waited for her to respond i called 911 and told them where we were. They said they would be here in 5-10 minutes. When they showed up i called the boys and told them to meet me at the hospital. We finally got to the hospital and they took her away. The boys showed up and both Zayn and Liam tried to comfort me. Harry was kept saying thing to reassure me while Louis looked through her phone trying to find someone to contact. Her phone started to ring. "Louis who is it?" i asked "It says Carly." "GIVE ME THE PHONE LOUIS!" i answered it. "Hello Carly i think." i said. She responded immediately "Yeah i'm Carly where are you wheres my friend." she sounded really serious but worried and scared also. "We are in the hospital." i gave her the adress and she said that she would be there ASAP. 

Harry's POV

Niall seemed really worried about this girl i don't know why. " Hey Niall you want some food." i offered him some of my leftover Nandos that i was eating. "No i'm good." Niall said. OMG i thought Niall just turned down food, and Nandos too. Wow he must really be worried.  Carly finally showed up. Man was she stunning. Carly came running in and asked where her her friend was. "WHERE IS BEATRICE!" she half yelled half screamed out of breath. We told her what was going on  with her friend, she started to cry so i decided to soothe/comfort her while we waited. The doctor came out and said that Beatrice lost a lot of blood, almost 65% of her blood, and she was in a coma. They didnt know when or if she would wake up...

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