Broken Memory and Broken Heart

This is a story about a girl who loses her memory and her parents, Daren Grace and Jessica Grace in a horrible car accident, she cant remember anything so the doctor put her into a place where teenagers go to get better, like a rehab but it also had people like her who couldn't remember anything so that she could get help and try to remember when she meets a boy her whole unknown life changes and since she cant remember anything about herself or her parents she doesn't know what to do, can she trust this boy? when she starts having horrible nightmares that might be reality this girl doesn't know what to do at all, and to top it all of does she already have a love interest? This one car accident could change her entirely.


5. What now?

I woke up to him hugging me and my hands and face buried into his chest, nothing happened that night but kissing just to reassure you even if I wanted more to happen, it wasint exactly the best place, or time. I just sat there listening to him breath in and out so peacefully knowing kissing him was bad to do because even if I know him well and he knows the stuff that I know about myself it still wasint enough of me to know. I look up and hes just starring at me, he was amazing even when he had just woken up "morning beautiful" there it is again that beautiful smile and him calling me beautiful again like he did when we met "Morning to you too" he smiled at me even bigger, this was insane he barely knows me and I barely know myself and here he is making me insanely happy by just being near him.

After he woke up we sat there a little just talking about random things again, and after that I got a migraine again but it was just of the same thing it was painful and lasted for a moment but Jake still helped me gain back balance and everything, making me like him even more, No! i Was not going to start falling for a guy at this time even if its Jake, why did this happen to me? why me? who im I? those where the three words constantly going through my head every minute of the day. I dont know anything about myself, only my appearance and even that wasint a good enough description of myself, not knowing anything about myself was confusing, like I was looking at a bottom less pit of darkness, yet every time I was with Jake it felt like I wasint in a car acceident at all, like it was just a normal day and he just came home from work and welcomed me with a long hug and kiss. Ugh!! why was this so complicated? Oh ya, I forgot. Ironic I know but every time Im with Jake im happy and not thinking about any of this, but that needs to change because I dont want my unknowing world become all about one guy.

Its lunch, I am going to try to avoid Jake and try to think myself through. what was I going to do? I got it, there is this one wall that is sort of dark and nobody goes near because you cant see and there are no tables "Perfect" I whispered to myself. so I got my food and walked over, I saw Jake luckily he didint see me but he looked sad for a bit but just sat down and wiped the frown off of his face and started eating with a couple of guys. Now what was I going to do? avoid Jake forever and have no friends or anybody to care for me? it sounds depressing but I was going to have to do that if I didint want myself or anyone including Jake getting hurt, no matter how much I want to be with Jake i will need to forget about him and try to find myself and get out of this place.

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