Broken Memory and Broken Heart

This is a story about a girl who loses her memory and her parents, Daren Grace and Jessica Grace in a horrible car accident, she cant remember anything so the doctor put her into a place where teenagers go to get better, like a rehab but it also had people like her who couldn't remember anything so that she could get help and try to remember when she meets a boy her whole unknown life changes and since she cant remember anything about herself or her parents she doesn't know what to do, can she trust this boy? when she starts having horrible nightmares that might be reality this girl doesn't know what to do at all, and to top it all of does she already have a love interest? This one car accident could change her entirely.


1. The Accident.

Why was he doing this? Why was this happening to me? That's all I was thinking before i felt sharp pain in my left leg and i got a bad headache, suddenly i felt dizzy and light headed i could feel blood on the top of the car from being flipped around we where upside down in the car, I couldn't keep my eyes open fully I did'int know what was going on but suddenly i couldn't remember where i was, I tried holding myself up with the strength I had left in me when i heard sirens and the door flung open "Hold on, where going to get you out" a guy said he finally got me out but by the time I was out of the car I was asleep.

I woke up in a bright room, I could feel a hard headache coming on already, where am I? what was going on? All I remember is being pulled out of that car having blood all over me, someone walked in "So you're awake?" he said "where am I?" still feeling a headache coming on i put my hand on my forehead "You're in a hospital, I'm you're doctor, you and you're parents where in a car accident you have a head injury and a bad concussion so I want you to take it easy" My parents? I don't remember anything about them "What about my parents?" I asked "They...They did'int make it, I'm terribly sorry" he said, I suddenly felt a tear building up in my eye then a huge migraine came I couldn't think and all i could hear was a high pitched noise and the doctor rushed up to me as i sat up with both hands on my forehead trying to make the pain stop but it wouldn't until a minute later, the doctor gave me a bottle with medicine in it, he said to take one every day "You're 18 so i need you to take these, you'll have help to remember when i put you into a place to help you, you'll leave shortly so I want you to get ready i'll get someone to take you."

They got a nurse to take me, it was a weird place that was really simple it had 3 floors the top floor was where the girls dorms where and the second floor was where the boys dorms where, when you walked in the lobby was right there and had a tiny hallway both ends had a staircase to go up, on the left was the kitchen and cafeteria, on the right was the bathrooms. when a girl was done touring me around she said my room was #C14 and that my stuff was already in my room, i went to the bathroom first and there was a mirror, I looked at myself and couldn't believe that i didint even notice i had long blonde wavy hair, I had a strapless sunflower blue dress on I thought I looked pretty but then again ive only seen two girls so I just went to the cafeteria because it was lunch, I saw a empty table so I went to sit down when a tall boy said "Can I sit here?" I looked up to see a handsome face he had dark brown hair that almost looked black he had beautiful light blue eyes that stood out I came to reality and quickly said sure "So whats your name beautiful?" wow did he just call me beautiful, but wait what was my name? I think i heard that nurse say my name was Holly Grace "Umm...Holly Grace I think" I shrugged at him "Why don't you know?" Quite frankly even i didint know why but from what the doctor told me "umm my parents and I where in a car accident, i have a concussion" "and you're parents?" wow he just wanted to know everything, i wanted to cry for some reason but just held it back "They died" i quickly said getting it over with "I'm sorry" He said it so kind and sweet, but i wanted to change the subject before i cry "Its okay you didint know....So whats your name?" I really wanted to know this "Jake Foster" Jake i liked that name it really suited him.

After taking to Jake for a while I went to bed, it was 9:00 pm and I was tired so I laid down when my mind wondered to Jake, How his eyes stood out and how his hair was short and slid perfectly to the right side but still pieces of his hair traveling down his forehead making him need to swipe them away from his eyes to see, he was really handsome wait what was i thinking? we just met, I stopped myself from thinking of him then just fell a sleep.


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