Broken Memory and Broken Heart

This is a story about a girl who loses her memory and her parents, Daren Grace and Jessica Grace in a horrible car accident, she cant remember anything so the doctor put her into a place where teenagers go to get better, like a rehab but it also had people like her who couldn't remember anything so that she could get help and try to remember when she meets a boy her whole unknown life changes and since she cant remember anything about herself or her parents she doesn't know what to do, can she trust this boy? when she starts having horrible nightmares that might be reality this girl doesn't know what to do at all, and to top it all of does she already have a love interest? This one car accident could change her entirely.


4. One week later

Its a week after that night with Jake and my bad nightmare and I havent had any of those migraines or nightmares since, me and Jake have gotten closer and I know i like him now but I dont want to change anything.

Jake hasint had any relapses since that night so im proud of him, but its bothering me every second of the day why he would want to do that to himself i mean hes handsome, and his eyes are just one of his amazing things he can always make me laugh, so i decided to ask him soon since ive known him over a week and hes known everything so far about me but I get nervous around him and ont know why, We where in my room again just talking and i knew that I had to ask him "sooo uhh.....I know you probably dont want to talk about this..but.....I want to know..why did you start t-" I got cut off, that really annoys me "Why I started taking drugs, well it started with bullying then a girl who I had a crush on asked me out....turns out she only did it to embarrass  me in front of the whole school, I got bullied a lot more and I just snapped and started doing drugs" I couldint believe he was so calm about this, why would she do that, and why was he bullied? hes amazing and looked amazing to if anything i would guess he was the popular Boy who got all of the girls "Why would she do that? your amazing" I slapped myself mentally when i said that know hes gonna think I like him, which i do but he doesint feel the same way so I tried to take it back "Uhmm..I mean your nice and funny...Not hard on the eyes either" I sort of whispered the last part hoping he woudint hear it but his face looked like he was blushing a little "Thanks your not too bad either" I started to blush, why did he have that effect on me? I started to have I migraine again right after that, it hurt a lot more but only lasted probably 20 seconds but felt much longer the pain was unreal, I started to see something like it was a vision but felt like it was a memory, this one was blurry so i couldint make it out "Holly are you okay?" Jake had rushed up to me and hugged me like last time but this time he was on the ground and I was sitting at the edge of my bed "Yeah just a bad headache" trying to convince him not to worry but he didint believe me I knew that by the way he looked at me.

We kept staring at each other, still his arms around me and me on the ledge of my bed. What was he going to do? we where just staring at each other gazing into each others eyes, his eyes where beautiful and stood out like nothing ive ever seen before, he started getting closer to me leaning in and i didint know what to do   did he like me? was he going to kiss me? I wouldint care if he did like me or kiss me, ive been wanting thats probably since i met him. I felt his warm lips on mine i couldint believe what was happening I just wrapped my hands around his neck while he got up on the bed and put his hands on my waist, I could feel his smile it made me smile this felt right but so wrong like I was breaking rules or something but that didint make me stop.

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