Broken Memory and Broken Heart

This is a story about a girl who loses her memory and her parents, Daren Grace and Jessica Grace in a horrible car accident, she cant remember anything so the doctor put her into a place where teenagers go to get better, like a rehab but it also had people like her who couldn't remember anything so that she could get help and try to remember when she meets a boy her whole unknown life changes and since she cant remember anything about herself or her parents she doesn't know what to do, can she trust this boy? when she starts having horrible nightmares that might be reality this girl doesn't know what to do at all, and to top it all of does she already have a love interest? This one car accident could change her entirely.


3. Nightmares Migraines and bad History

I told the council lady her name was Daisy that i had been getting migraines and nightmares about the crash, I told her they where blurry and didint make any sense but she said it was a good sign that my memory is slowly progressing

I talked to Jake about it and he said it was normal for her to say that, she wants to give people hope but he still said that she was probably right. I refused to think that I had feelings for Jake the whole time we talked but it was hard, i learned more about him but we had the same random subjects like we did earlier that morning, I really liked our talks it made me forget everything that was going on and just have a laugh, why did he have to be so perfect? it made it harder and even now thinking about it im breaking my own promise. finally it was 9:00 pm and i was tired again and i took the pill the doctor told me to take every day, then laid down till i heard a knock on the door, it was Jake why was he here at this time? "can I come in?" I knew something was wrong I've known him for about a day and a half now and that was not his happy face "Of course, whats wrong" he just walked in and sat on floor leaning on my bed he looked so sad i didint know what was going on "Hey whats wrong" seeing him like this made me sad, i sat beside him stroking his back to comfort him his head was in his lap i knew he was crying "I cant take it anymore, I cant go any longer without help" why was he here talking to me about this? "Hey its going to be fine you'll get through it" I was going to cry, I guess im not one of those people who can see people cry and not cry "How do you know im a wreck and you cant remember anything where all not going to be okay" he said this looking at me with puffy and pink eyes, right then a tear shed down my face i knew he was right but he could help himself and I wanted to help him get through it "you can stay the night, Im going to help you" I knew what I was doing I was setting myself up with something that was never going to happen, but if I didint help him what would he do? "I couldn't do that, i mean you've already got so mu-" i cut him off "No buts im going to help you" right then he put a smile on his face, i felt good knowing out of everything that i might have done in my life I could help him.

We talked a little and I knew I had feelings for him but i had only known him for three days so it was nothing big, I made him forget about everything with the drugs i think it kills me not knowing why he took them but I didint want to bring it up, it would just make him think about doing it again so i left it alone. He slept in my bed with me, we didint cuddle or anything though he was next to the wall and i was near the edge, and it wasint squishy because it was a big bed but this didint help me with trying to get over my feeling for him he fell fast a sleep i guess he was tired from the crying and I was tired from it to so i fell asleep right after he did.

I woke up at 4:00 am sweaty and pale again, i had another nightmare but this time it was more clear so instead i jump up from bed resulting in waking up Jake "Calm down you're okay, Holly stop" I noticed i was smacking him trying to break free from him hugging me I calmed down but after that nightmare i had another migraine it lasted about two minutes again, what was going on? the pain hurt so much i started to cry it stopped and noticed Jake was still holding me "Are you okay? what happened?" I really didint know but since I helped him last night I felt I could tell him what I dreamed about " was my dad he...." I cant even speak and tell him that my dad used to abuse my mother and I, I didint even know if this was real but I couldint stop crying I kept feeling the pain on my back where he cut me with a knife, in my dream is this what the yelling from the last nightmare I had came from? I dont know whats happening.

"Its okay Holly, Its Okay" Jake was probably brushing my hair and hugging me while i was crying for an hour till I stopped and I tried to tell him everything "Why would he do that?" Jake almost had tears in his eyes when i told him "I dont even know if it was real okay Jake, Just....please dont tell anyone" I thought he would with the look on his face, he looked pissed off "I wont, but if anything like this happens again i want you to tell me okay...You can trust me Holly" I felt relieved and before he left we hugged each other before he left and we both get in trouble, I wondered what we would say to each other after that but I felt closer to him already and I knew i could trust him, my mind wondered to me liking him again but i just ignored it and went back to sleep.

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