Broken Memory and Broken Heart

This is a story about a girl who loses her memory and her parents, Daren Grace and Jessica Grace in a horrible car accident, she cant remember anything so the doctor put her into a place where teenagers go to get better, like a rehab but it also had people like her who couldn't remember anything so that she could get help and try to remember when she meets a boy her whole unknown life changes and since she cant remember anything about herself or her parents she doesn't know what to do, can she trust this boy? when she starts having horrible nightmares that might be reality this girl doesn't know what to do at all, and to top it all of does she already have a love interest? This one car accident could change her entirely.


2. Friends?

I woke up with pain in my head it was another migraine, this one lasted for two minutes after it ended i noticed I was sweaty it was six in the morning, I had a nightmare of the night from the car crash it was blurry and couldint remember much but a women and a man fighting then a loud noise, I got over it and got dressed into my pajamas i forgot to change last night then I realized i had to go to the bathroom, for one to cool off and wash my face.

It was quite and dark but I found my way to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror to see my hair in a mess so i combed it I was pale and sweaty from the nightmare, was it really that bad? i finally cooled off and got to my normal shade of a peachy pink color, I liked the color of my skin, and I went to my room but then i ran into a figure "OUCH" we both said, it sounded familiar "Holly?" He said I still didint remember him "Yeah" "What are you doing" he asked taking his phone to shed light onto his face then I realized it was Jake "I couldint sleep" it was true but i didint want to tell him why, after all I still didint know him only his name and why he was here, he had drug problems he almost died form over dosing on pills and he ended up here, hes been here for about 2 weeks still wanting to take drugs.

"So why are you awake" we had already gotten up and started walking with each other "Couldn't sleep either, bad dream" what was he dreaming about? probably the night he over dosed on pills or when he started doing drugs, I wanted to help him but we couldint talk much because we would get in trouble so i asked him "wanna go talk in my room" I knew what it sounded like but I just wanted to know him better "What?" the look on his face made me giggle "Only to talk" I wanted to start laughing as loud as  could but then we would get in trouble "Okay" for some reason I was happy he said yes.

we where sitting on my bed just talking really about anything random, he said that hes always wanted a cat I wish i knew more about myself so then I could tell him more but I dont so he still didint learn much but I always had a strange feeling every time he asked me a question like i knew the answer i just couldint get it out of my head, he understood and all but it bothered me, I dont even know who I am only what I look like and my name I didint even know who my best friend was or if I was popular or if I even had a best friend "What are you thinking" Jake said it concerned i guess i was staring into space or something "Uhh nothing just about myself, wondering what my life was and all" I dont know why I trusted him but i did and it felt good to get it out and tell someone that "What do you think you where like" He asked me this thinking I would have a answer but i really had no clue he got me thinking a little more just about myself and if i was ignorant self controlled and if i got in trouble a lot, it made me think a lot "I dont know, maybe I had a dog when i was a kid named Dog" I was giggling thinking if I actually did that would be funny he laughed a long "I think you did, but I think that maybe you haven't changed at all and you only you lost your memory to find yourself" maybe he was right, maybe I should stop thinking who I was and try to be who I am "Maybe i should be who I am today" I said it proudly like I was already doing that, I felt close to Jake, he made me comfortable and protected like he was my boyfriend but he wasint, in a way i wanted him to be, wait what? i slapped myself mental thinking he barely knows me and i barley know him or even myself so how could I get feelings for him, I refused to think of him again till i knew more about him.

After talking he left and I headed down to that council thing for some help, it was stupid its wasint going to help but i guess if it would help know myself better atleast a little i would put some effort into it or atleast try.


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