Planet Velvet: Book 1: War and Peace

Rose and Violet are in for a surprise when they find out who they realy are! Their realy from planet Velvet, that is out of the solar system. No one found out about it until a poor velvis from velvet came to get the 2 sisters and take them to the Geti Castle, where her real family is. This book is book 1. Its about The war, and the peace of Velvet. This exciting book is going to be great for fanasty lovers!


1. Intro chapter

*****At Velvet in the Geti Castle*******

Queen Rudy and King Minus were preparing for a plan that would take place this afternoon. They cooked, or rather the maids did. They watched tv and drunk lots of peanut tea. " Honey dear, please turn the channel to 3." Queen Rudy said. King Minus rolled his eyes. He was watching the Velvet's Swim team race against the Naharahs. He reached for the remote. 3. the tv went black, then it showed Velvets news team. They were gossiping on how Violet and Rose would be coming home, or rather the two Velvi's. It was truly a remarkable honor to be called a Velvi. The towns people were Velvis, and the helpers and around the castle were called Getis. "Ahhh!" Queen Rudy exclaimed. "When my two little Velvi's Return, everything will be perfect again!"



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