New (1D Not Famous)

Today I started a new school. I was worried that I wouldn't make any friends there, but this boy with crazy curly hair called Harry Styles is nice. He showed me around and let me sit with him at lunch. At least I can be a bit more positive at this new school.


3. Secrets

"Where do you live?" Harry asked. 

"Um, four Pine Close." I murmured. 

"I live at number eleven." Harry announced winking. "Want to walk together to and from school everyday?" 

"Sure." I said smiling. Today was getting better. We walked home and I waved goodbye when we reached his house.

I walked home smiling, something I haven't done in a while.

"Hey, honey, how was school?" my mum asked curiously, worry filled her voice. 

"It was great, I met this boy called Harry Styles, we are going to walk to and from school everyday." I told her, I couldn't stop smiling. 

"Made any other friends?" Mum asked. 

"Nope, not yet, I haven't left Harry's side." I told her. 

"Ah, at least you have made a friend. It's a great start." Mum muttered turning back to the TV. 

"I'm gonna go upstairs and get dressed." I told her and ran up to my room. I got dressed and just as I had re-brushed my hair the door went. 

"Sam, it's for you." My mum called up the stairs. 

"OK!" I called back and ran downstairs to see who it was. Half of me was scared, half of me was hoping it was Harry. I was scared because I was worried someone recognised me. Thankfully it was Harry. I felt my face light up. 

"Hiya." He said, "Wanna hang out?" 

"Hi, sure." I turned and saw my Mum nod. I grabbed my shoes and slipped them on then ran outside to join Harry. 

"I thought I could help you make some new friends." He explained. 

"Thanks, I don't think anyone will like me. No one did at my previous schools. Everyone hated me." I blurted out, immediately regretting it after. 

"I don't hate you, I'm pretty sure people here will like you. Why did they hate you?" Harry asked. 

"They hated me because I was shy, because I was different." I told him. I regretted it after. "You can't tell anyone! My Mum said if I get bullied at this school too, she's moving me to America!" 

"Oh, I won't tell anyone, why is it such a big secret?" Harry asked, looking at me. 

"Because I'm scared people will realise I'm different and then bully me." I told him.

"Why are you different?" Harry asked. 

"I like goth stuff, but I wouldn't say I'm a goth though, dark purple is my favourite colour." I told him. I'm sure I can trust Harry with this sort of stuff, he is very kind. 

"If it makes it fair, people used to make fun of my extremely curly hair." He said winking. 

"You need to promise not to tell anyone what I'm about to tell you." I pleaded. 

"I promise, cross my heart." He promised. 

"At my old school, I girl slapped me and I pulled her hair out and while I was walking home she stabbed me." I said quickly. 

"What?! I did hear that correctly, right?" Harry asked. "Someone stabbed you?!" 

"Yes." I replied quietly. Looking at the ground and clutching my side as if the blade of the knife had cut me once more. 

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