New (1D Not Famous)

Today I started a new school. I was worried that I wouldn't make any friends there, but this boy with crazy curly hair called Harry Styles is nice. He showed me around and let me sit with him at lunch. At least I can be a bit more positive at this new school.


5. Promise

"Promise me, Sam, that if you ever feel depressed again you will tell me." Harry pleaded. 

"I promise." I promised. I looked up into his green eyes, his eyes melted into my blue eyes. 

"I have to say something, you have the most beautiful blue eyes." Harry complimented. I blushed and looked down. 

"Thanks." I mumbled shyly. Harry started singing a random song. "Harry?" He stopped singing and looked at me. 

"Yup?" He replied.

"You're really great at singing. You should audition for the X-Factor." I suggested. 

"I want to, it's just, I don't think I have the guts to stand up in front of a crowd and sing. Plus I really like working in the bakery." He replied. 

"Oh, you should definitely think about it. Girls will be all over you." I told him.

"I'm sure they won't." He said looking me in the eye. 

"They will!" I replied quickly. 

"Fine." he gave in. My phone buzzed in my pocket, my mum had sent a text. 

"I have dinner now. Bye, Harry." I announced, standing up. 

"I will walk you home. Oh crap, I forgot to show you my friends, they were waiting for me at the park. Will you be allowed out after your dinner?" Harry replied, standing up as well. 

"Thanks, yeah." I said, giving him a small smile. He walked me home then gave me a quick hug. 

"I will wait for you here, hope your dinner is great." Harry said.

"Thanks." I said waving and walking inside. 


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