New (1D Not Famous)

Today I started a new school. I was worried that I wouldn't make any friends there, but this boy with crazy curly hair called Harry Styles is nice. He showed me around and let me sit with him at lunch. At least I can be a bit more positive at this new school.


4. Like Best Friends

"I'm sure people won't hate you here, you're a fun person to know. It's good to be different, all the bullies at your old school were probably jealous that you're one hundred times prettier than them." Harry informed me. 

"I hope they don't hate me here. It's not always good to be different. I'm not pretty, so why would they be jealous?" I asked him. 

"You are pretty, to me you are." Harry complimented. I blushed. No one had ever said that to me. 

"Thanks." I mumbled, slightly embarrassed. "

"Wanna hang out with me at school too? My friends are super nice, plus I know some girls that are nice too." Harry asked. 

"Sure. At least at this school I'll make friends." I agreed. 

"You're pretty much a best friend already. It feels like I have known you for a while." Harry admitted. He sat down on the curb and I sat next to him. 

"Same. I feel like I can trust you with all my secrets, my Mum always tells me not to tell my best friends secrets in case we fall out and they tell the whole school. My Mum is desperate to not see me depressed again." I told him squinting as the sun was blinding me. 

"You were depressed?" Harry asked shocked. 

"Yeah. My Mum got really worried. I don't want to seem like an emo, but I attempted to kill myself everyday." I admitted. It's not always easy admitting you have tried to kill yourself, but hey. I need to tell someone, it's not good to keep something bottled up, hence why I have a journal. 

"How?" Harry asked curiously. 

"I shoved a plastic bag over my head, drank bleach five times, slashed my wrists, tried to drown myself in the bath, tried strangling myself and lastly tried hanging myself." I explained, afraid I would seem like a suicidal emo. 

"How did they all fail?" Harry pushed. Wanting to know more detail. 

"Got found by my dad because he was really worried about me, he started to check on me every five minutes, the bleach was the last one I tried. My Dad didn't find me in the bath, my Mum did. My Dad isn't a paedophile." I explained. "When I drank bleach I was taken to hospital. My Dad heard me screaming out in pain." I explained. "Any more questions?" Harry shook his head. 

"Wow." Was all Harry could choke out. 

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