New (1D Not Famous)

Today I started a new school. I was worried that I wouldn't make any friends there, but this boy with crazy curly hair called Harry Styles is nice. He showed me around and let me sit with him at lunch. At least I can be a bit more positive at this new school.


2. Hello

"I'm Harry." He greeted. 

"Hi, Harry." I said smiling. 

"So, what do you have first?" He asked, I looked at my timetable and saw I had maths. 

"Maths." I said and showed him my timetable. 

"You're in the same class as me!" He said and put his palm up for a high-five. I high-fived him and I smiled, not because I forced myself to, because I genuinely felt happy. 

We walked to maths and the teacher, a chubby old man who had grey hair who's name was Mr. White, sat me next to Harry. 

"You are?" Mr. White asked me. 

"Samantha Lewis." I told him. 

He passed me an orange exercise book and I wrote my name on the front. I opened the book and wrote the date on the front page. 

"Why did you move to this school?" Harry asked.

"Long story." I didn't want to tell him. I hoped this would change his mind on knowing the reason why. 

"I can keep up." Harry prompted. 

"I moved in with my Mum." I told him, that is all I'm telling him. I don't want any sympathy for being bullied, I also don't want anyone to know my past and take advantage of it. 

"Why?" Harry asked, seeing if there was a reason why. 

"Didn't like my old school." I muttered. 

"Teachers were bad?" I nodded as this was a quick way out. The teachers were nice, just the students weren't.  

"Ah, it's not that much of a long story." Harry said, chuckling slightly. 

I stayed with Harry for the rest of the day, he offered. I had talked to a few other people, who were all very nice and friendly. Last lesson I had PE, they tried to get me kit to change and I tried to protest. I don't fancy people seeing the huge scar I have above my hip. 

"I have a really embarrassing scar above my hip though." I complained. 

"Does it stop you from doing PE?" The PE teacher asked. 

"Yes, it stops me getting changed." I returned. 

"Fine. But you're doing it next week." 


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