New (1D Not Famous)

Today I started a new school. I was worried that I wouldn't make any friends there, but this boy with crazy curly hair called Harry Styles is nice. He showed me around and let me sit with him at lunch. At least I can be a bit more positive at this new school.


6. Friends

After I finished I ran outside to find Harry waiting. He was sitting down on the curb outside my house. 

"Harry!" I yelled happily. He turned to give me a smile. 

"Sam! How was your dinner?" He asked, jumping up. 

"It was great, thanks." I replied. 

We walked to the park to meet his friends. 

"Hazza! You're so late!" One of them called out to him as we approached. 

"Whose that?" a boy with a rugby shirt on asked. 

"This is Sam, she just joined our school, I thought I could help her make friends." Harry informed them. 

"Oh, she's the girl you were with today? She looks different when she doesn't look so . . . petrified." the boy with the rugby shirt laughed. I flinched and Harry noticed. 

"Just leave her. I was hoping Alice, Megan and Kayla would be here." Harry told them. 

"They were, they left half hour ago, they're gonna be back though, just gone to buy some food." the boy with the rugby shirt informed Harry. 

"Oh good." Harry replied, then he turned to me. "This is Tom, I have known him since primary." 

The boy with the rugby shirt, Tom, waved at me. I gave a small wave in return. I turned my gaze back to Harry. 

"Why did you move schools?" Tom asked. 

"None of your business." Harry cut in. 

"I was just asking!" Tom retorted giving Harry a push. I didn't take my eyes off of Harry. 

"Don't ask." Harry spat, pushing him back. 

"Why? She got bullied or sank?" Tom laughed. I didn't let my face give away that he was right. 

"No, personal reasons actually." I told him. Everyone looked at me. 

"Hey, you are?" A girl asked me, she had short brown hair with purple tips and had hazel eyes. She was being followed by two girls, one had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, the other had long red hair with brown eyes. 

"Sam." I told her. 

"I'm Alice! That's Megan." She said pointing to the girl with red hair, "And that is Kayla." She said pointing to the girl with blonde hair. 

"Hiya." The both said in unison.

"Hi." I mumbled. 

We all walked over to a bench and sat down on it. 

"Harry is so gorgeous. I know he will never go out with me." Kayla admitted. 

"I know." I added. 

"He is currently dating this girl called Hayley though." Alice told me. 

"She is horrible, he never sees her though but we can't let her know that he hangs with us. Only because she will get jealous, she actually banned him from seeing us. She's a horrible, moody cow." Megan said.

"Doesn't she get mad that he doesn't see her?" I asked. 

"No, she's is too busy hanging around with other boys to care, they only see each other on Saturdays. I think she is only using him so she can say she has a boyfriend though, plus he has a lot of money and practically showers her in gifts." Alice informed me. 

"Sounds like a whore, to be honest." I mumbled. 

"Oh, great. There she is." Alice muttered. 

"Crap! If she sees us she will know Harry has been hanging around with us." Megan panicked. 

"No actually, we can say we just got here, we have Sam and the boys as proof." Alice reassured her. 

"What are you doing with a bunch of girls!" Hayley screeched, pointing at us. Alice, Megan and Kayla jumped up. I got up and followed them. 

"We just got here!" Alice yelled in defence. 

"Yeah!" all the boys said in unison. 

"They just got here! I was with Harry before because he wanted to help me make new friends and when we got here, Alice, Megan and Kayla got here five minutes after!" I defended. 

"Newbie, shut the hell up. No one cares about you, OK? Go drink some bleach and die." Hayley threatened. I lashed out and slapped her. 

"No, you shut the hell up you whore! Just because no one cares about you and you need to use Harry to make you believe that people care doesn't mean it's the same for everyone else. Why don't you drink bleach and die?" I screamed at her. 

"It's over, Hayley, Sam is my friend, and I care about her, she didn't do anything to you." Harry yelled at her angrily. 

"She just got here, she's trying to settle into this big school and she has some bitch like you bringing her down." Tom spat at her, defending me. 

Tears ran down Hayley's cheeks. 

"Sorry, Sam." Hayley apologised then ran away crying.

Tears then ran down my cheeks. I knew someone was gonna hate me. Harry wrapped his arms around me. 

"Sorry about Hayley, she's just jealous you're prettier than her." Harry whispered in my ear. "She always says the same to girls that are prettier than her." 

I cried into Harry's chest. 

"Harry? Why did her words upset her so much?" Alice asked. 

"I can't say, I promised I wouldn't tell." Harry told her. 

"Oh, it's fine. I'm guessing Sam had a rough time at her old school." Alice assumed. 

Harry pulled away and wiped my tears away after I had finished crying. 

"I will take you home now, if you want." Harry offered. 

"Sure." I mumbled weakly. 


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