One Direction Imagines

If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


2. Wedding Day - Stephanie and Niall

“Steph!” you hear that deep Irish accent call you with a hint of worry in it. “Steph sweetie where are you?”

“Umm, over here,” you mumble quietly hoping he doesn’t hear you.

He spots you hiding behind your bouquet and whilst holding his hand out he walks towards you with those loving eyes you fell head over heels for back when you were younger, “come on now, you’re going to be fine, no sorry we’re going to be fine,” he consoles you mainly using his eyes to look deep down into your weak spots and help make them strong again.

“It’s starting without you! It’s starting without you! Hurry! Hurry!” your mother yells at you at your own wedding, just trying to help but she’s only making you feel worse.

You inhale a deep breath; take one last look at your gorgeous white as snow, long, fitted fabric that drapes from your waist ever so elegantly and you hold your head up high so everyone can see how happy you are to be marrying NIALL HORAN!

“Come on now my little princess,” you are completely took a back as you turn around to your soon to be husband placing a silver, skinny, tiara with glistening gems in, on top of your perfectly curled locks.

“Stunning,” he compliments “not like you’re not always.”

“Aww that’s adorable,” your mother comments with no real care behind her voice “now come on, come on!” she rushes you out of the dressing room and into the grand hall, where hundreds of eyes shoot different looks at you, some so happy they fill up with tears, some completely filled with awe and others turning green with envy. You gulp back the fear that makes the butterflies flap around your stomach angrily. Your farther links arms with you and walks you down the carpet keeping you safe from the girls that want to rip your dress off.

Once you reach the end your farther whispers his best regards and leaves you to fend for yourself, you try to stare into your enemy’s eyes but that only makes you more upset, so instead you watch your loving fiancé walk with his mother down the aisle and think of how kind the family your marrying into is and how you can’t wait to learn the way of the Irish i.e. all the drinking you and your honey will be doing on the honeymoon.

You quickly reach out for Niall’s soft baby hands and pull him in close because you’re scarred, then he gives a subtle nod at you to let you know everything’s going to be all right. Your mind wonders over the plans for the future, a new home, in a new place, a new family and new friends, your mind keeps on scrolling through your entire life, then it snaps back to the present at your loved ones voice “I do,” he says with total meaning, you melt on the inside and you reply with a teary “I do,” back, before the vicar even says you can kiss the bride you leap into Niall’s arms and snog hard until you realise how many evils you are receiving, but you don’t care and neither does Niall as he gives a passionate performance for them.

Author’s notes: Really sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, I’ve tried my best. Please tell me if you liked it, so I can improve next time J

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