One Direction Imagines

If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


5. Restaurant date - Logan and Harry

“Logan, sweetie, over here,” Harry calls from behind. You swirl around to see a charming young man in a dark suit holding a bouquet of gorgeous tulips, in assorted bright, girly, colours. “For you,” he blushes and hands them over whilst embracing you in a warm, comfortable, hug.

“Thank you, they are so pretty,” you smell them and make an expression of gratefulness, which grows into a small, shy, smile in the corner of your mouth. He links your arm and walks you into the restaurant, staying comfortably close letting you know he feels safe and happy with you by his side.

He slides into the plush, red, velvet booth and pats the seat next to him ready for you to get in, you hold the back of your dress as you glide across the smooth fabric and plop down next to Harry.

“Menus,” the waiter hands you two posh looking menus, then laughs and says “or would you like the kids menu,” he jokes but neither one of you find it funny.

“No thanks sir,” Harry says sternly, not impressed by the waiter’s attitude. You grab his hand and stroke it to remind him it’s just him and you. He lets go and picks up the menus.

After a long hard look at all the fancy cuisine the restaurant has to offers you both have come across a decision and the waiter takes his time to reach your table with your choices.

“Mmm wow that chicken bluer looks so good,” Harry looks like he could drool over your plate, so you giggle and cut a chunk off of your chicken and smiles as you make funny aeroplane noises to put the fork in his mouth. “My eyes were not exaggerating that is so nice, do you want to trade?” He jokes.

“No thanks,” you giggle and tuck into a superb dinner.

Later on, after a lot of laughing your jaw aches and you excuse yourself to the bathroom. You powder your noise and reapply lip gloss.

On your way back you spot a big grin on Harry’s face.

“What?” you playfully ask him very curious “what? What did you do?” his smile just grows bigger and he taps his nose.

He rubs your leg and puts an arm around you as you play the roles of the cute couple in the corner of the room, you giggle and tickle and rub noses together.

A waiter comes over and coughs to get you both to look up “Tadah,” Harry ecstatically says as a massive ice cream sundae is presented in front of you. “I can’t eat this all by myself,” he places a spoon in your hand and crosses his arm around yours and scoops some ice cream up and into your mouth and you sit there gazing into one another’s eyes enjoying the ice cream and the memory it’s made.


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