One Direction Imagines

If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


6. Disney Land - Dani and Louis

“WOOOOOO!” Louis screams at the top of his voice.

“Arghh im wet,” you giggle trying for it not to sound like a complaint. Louis lifts you out of the plastic log and you squelch in your shoes as you walk to the Splash Mountain photo booth.

“We have to buy it!” Louis loves the picture but you blush at the embarrassing face your pulling and the state of your hair.

“I look a state,” you’re still laughing so it doesn’t sound like you’re still complaining.

“Dani you look fine, you’re naturally beautiful, anyway it’s my favourite ride, pleeaasse,” Louis begs you with big mushy eyes that defeat you every time.

“Haha fine, go on then,” you give in, finding it all funny.

“YESS!” he sounds like a big kid that just got money for the ice cream van.

After buying the cringe worthy photo you stroll down the streets enjoying the views.

“I’m a little hungry, Ducky,” he nicknames you after your 3rd date when you fell in the pond with little ducklings circling you.

“Okay well my feet hurt im gonna sit over here, you grab something for us,” you kiss him on the cheek and head over to a wooden bench to rest your legs. You get your camera out and take a few pictures of the view, then you see a very nice view, so you zoom in on your lush boyfriend’s sweet, plump, sassy ass and take a few private pics for you to enjoy before bed tonight.

You put your head back to look up at the sky and just relax, also trying to dry off a little bit more.

“Ducky im back,” he plops down next to you and something cool drips on your leg, “oh sorry,” and he wipes it off. “Mmm it’s so nice,” Louis is licking an enormous ice cream which drips down my leg in this heat, “better hurry or else you’re gonna be drenched in it,” he laughs.

“WOW it’s massive,” you take a big bite which makes your sensitive teeth freeze, “it’s delicious ha-ha,” you laugh quite surprised.

You’re finishing it off and Louis fingertip strokes your nose “you had a little on your nose,” he laughs then licks his finger, he then strokes your jaw.

“What did I have some down there to?” you laugh.

“Nope,” he trails his finger down your jaw and under your chin and pulls you in to a soft, gentle, spark starting, kiss.

“Mmm that was even better than the kiss,” you compliment.

“And fat free,” he chuckles.

He stands up takes your hand and pulls you up close into the side of him and puts his arm around your waist then you take a leisurely walk down the side of the parade and it goes dark fast and within half an hour its pitch black and your stud together in front of the magical princess castle.

“Do you want to go on my shoulders, like all the other little girls?” he chuckles.

“Hey im not that small,” you laugh and give him a playful smack.

BOOM! You hear several explosions above your head and you enjoy the stunning light show of colourful splatters.

“Your eyes are beautiful,” Louis says very out of the blue.

“That was very random,” you giggle.

He stays quiet so you look over at him to be staring at you in amazement then he cups your face and pulls you in for a varied pressure snog and it’s the perfect thing to end you wonderful day with.

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