One Direction Imagines

If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


3. Date at the lake - Julie and Harry


You look across the glimmering lake, astonished at its beauty under the moonlight.

“Do you see far far over there? A little light?” Harry asks whilst hugging one arm around you and with the other pointing all the way to the other side of the lake.

“Urghh sort of. Oh wait, yes! I do!” you say in a very cheery and excited mood.

“Well we need to get there! Come on now take your top off! Get in! Start swimming!” he says so casually. You give him a very cruel, judgemental glare, and his mood switches into laughter “kidding!” you relax a little and let out a sigh of relief. “Ahahahaha gosh Jules this is only our second date, chill out, I am a gentle man,” he laughs more which brightens your mood again.

“So how are we going to get there?” you puzzle. Your arm feels breezy as Harry’s left your side to pull out of a row of bushes, a little wooden boat, which looks like it can carry only one person, and two paddles.

“Tadah!” he sounds like a magician that just made something reappear.

“Umm not to burst your bubble but I don’t think we can both fit into that,”

“Of course we can! We just might have to breath in a little,” he chuckles again and you give a crooked smile at him, but you really want to know what’s on the other side so you agree.

He pushes it to the edge of the lake showing off his muscles, which are massive and by the looks of it extremely strong. He sits in the boat occupying the whole seat “come on! Get in!” he shouts you over.

“How am I supposed to get in that?” you have your doubts now, but you’re up for practically anything.

“Sit on my lap! Come on, it will be romantic and a great way to get to know each other!” he makes it convincing.

“Oh okay,” you blush and hope he doesn’t throw you over board so that you will have to actually strip down.

You sit gently on his lap hoping you’re not too heavy. The boat rocks and falls into the water scaring the magnetic swans to make a horrible noise. Harry holds you close and you just enjoy the comfort of each other for a moment, then he passes you a paddle and commands you in the right path.

After a joyful ten minutes of sailing the boat is traveling around in circles and the only sound across the lake is laughter.

“Where’s the light gone Harry?” your still laughing but calming down a little as you feel a pang of lost shiver through you.

“It was over there under the arch of trees,” he replies confidently which makes you feel safer knowing he knows where to go.

“Let’s go Captain,” you shout unintended, really just wanting to know what the surprise is.

“Captain, hmm I like it!” he laughs back.

Ten more minutes and you’re across the lake, and greeted by a table of pasta and a single rose accompanied by a blown out candle. Harry relights the candle with a spare match he kept in his pocket.

“After you my lady,” he pulls out your chair and bows before you.

“Thank you Sir,” you have both put on pretend posh accents and are playing along the lines of an old black and white romantic movie.

“Mmmmm, I must say this does look delightful,” you complement him on his cookery skills.

“Well thank you let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks,” his choice of words makes you think maybe somebody else made it.

You cram a mouthful of pasta in, very unlady like, but you’re in front of Harry and you know he doesn’t care.

“Mmmmm wow!! Gorgeous!” you tell the complete truth as you’re more in love with the food then the god in front of you.

R-O-C-K me again! R-O-C-K me again “oh sorry,” Harry clicks the decline button on his phone seeming a little embarrassed of his ring tone, which just makes you smile and giggle.

After a long night of fun, and laughter the sun starts to rise and you can’t believe it has gone so fast. You sit down on the grass cross legged like a child next to Harry who stretches an arm across your shoulder, you watch the sun rise together head on shoulder.

“So pretty,” you observe.

“Just like you,” Harry makes you feel special just like the last 10 hours. He turns his head to stare into your eyes and he takes a long glance into them and then presses his lips onto yours, making the night absolute perfection.


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