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If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


8. Beach House- Elena and Harry

“I can’t wait wooo!” you scream out of the convertible.

“I know! It’s gonna be great! A weekend in the beach house with my babe,” he gives a big grin and screams along with me.

“I finally get to see you in your speedos,” you joke.

“Sorry babe, haven’t packed any, in fact I haven’t even bought any, hahaha,” he laughs along with you.

“Wow it’s bright out here in California nothing like Holmes Chapel,” Harry states.

“Yeah, and very hot,” and with that you take you top off to a fitted bikini top that suits your skin tone so well.

“Now it’s hot,” he chuckles.

“Shut up,” you laugh.

You drive up to a massive house with palm trees surrounding it and a beach front and a swimming pool back.

“OMG,” you scream down Harry’s ear “it’s fantabulous!”

“Fan what?” Harry says happily.

“Never mind,” you laugh.

“Last one in the Jacuzzi buys ice cream!” Harry says like a big kid whilst leaping over the car door.

“Jacuzzi!?” you say so happy and leg it out of the car.


After a relaxing hour in the Jacuzzi and an ice cream on the sun beds you take a shower ready for dinner. You use coconut lotion when you get out so you smell just like the place –a tropical paradise- then you add salt spray to your hear and leave it to dry naturally to give beach waves to really get in the mood. You put on your coral coloured strapless, high low hem, dress with little diamantes around the top and pull on you big cork wedges.

You walk down stairs and sit on the sun beds and watch kids run about and men surf and wait.

“Ready Elena?” Harry calls from behind five minutes later.

“Yep,” you stand up and walk off the sand onto the pebbled path and link arms with your hubby.

“You look gorgeous babe,” he compliments and walks you down to a little pub restaurant.

“And so do you,” you compliment back “I love this place it’s so cute.”

“Chilled out tonight, fancy and posh tomorrow, yeah?”

“Cool,” you give him a peck on the cheek.

“Two please,” Harry says to the waiter.

“This way sir, mam,” he leads us to a booth.


“Last night was thrilling,” you write in your journal “amazing first time! It felt so special I can only imagine what he has in store for tonight,” you finish the passage short and slip it in the draw in your bed side cabinet as Harry walks in the room.

“Omelettes ready, sweet heart,” he calls.

You walk into a day light lit dining room and hear the canary birds singing morning tunes and sit down to a plate with a full English breakfast prepared.

“I thought you said we were having omelette?” I puzzled, and he flipped an omelette onto a side plate and placed it next to me, then laughed “Wow this is a lot!”

“Well I thought you would need your energy back,” he chuckled.

You ate every bite then washed up doing Harry a favour.

“Just noticed your shirt, very… uhmm… holidayish…” you couldn’t think of the right word but you hope he knows it’s a compliment.

“Haha thanks are you ready for some surfing today?” he says coolly.

“Surfing… I don’t know,” you say sort of scarred.

“There’s no sharks to bite your bum off, don’t worry,” he says trying to persuade.

“Okay then,” you lie.

You put your bikini on and throw a simple yellow summer dress over the top with a pair of flip flops and head down to the sea where Harry is already getting started.

“Harry,” you yell out to him from you sun bed “Harry im going to stay here and try to tan, okay?”

“But Elena you said you would try,” he whinges at you.

“I know, but I only brought bikinis with me and it will probably just come off then get lost in the sea and I really don’t want to be naked around all these innocent children,” you make up an excuse from the top of your head and it turns out to be true anyways.

“Fine,” he sighs.

You enjoy watching your boyfriend show off his abs in the ocean and hope to go home with a tan.


“This lobster is so tasty!” you exclaim with a mouthful.

“Only the best for my girl,” Harry winks at you.

“Here try some,” you feed Harry a large mouthful because you know you could never finish the whole thing.

“Spectacular!” he says with a posh accent which doesn’t quite match up.

“You trying to be posh?” you laugh at him.

“Yes,” he says in a deep fake British accent.

“Well than pinkies up,” you say whilst clinging champagne glasses together with your little finger sticking out, and then bursting into laughter.

“To health, happiness and a life time of you,” he says whilst I blush and we drink to it.

“This has been a wonderful night!” you say in between laughing and eating.

“Well it’s not over yet,” Harry says with a massive grin on his face.

You blush again and hurry up to finish tee. After finisingh you pay for the bill and walk elegantly out trying not trip over in your massive stilettoes. Once out side you walk down the streets till your back on the familiar pebbled path next to the beach. Your feet are killing so you take your shoes off and swing them onto the sand.

“They must have been pricey your not going to leave them there are you?” Harry questions.

“Im going to collect them later,” you say, then run off over the sand which makes your dress blow up elegantly, like it would when you spin, and you pull two sunbeds together and put the umbrella up at the heads of them and lay on it till Harry chases after you.

“Hey what are you doing?” he laughs.

You pull him down onto the beds with you.

“Look how beautiful the sea is in this moon light and look how the stars light up,” you say with a tone of wisdom.

He looks up and stares at them with you, then his stare meets yours and you hold his stare all night long and your lips lock together and your body’s meet.


“Can we come back soon?” you ask Harry as you load the car.

“I should think so,” he says making you happy.

“Okay well im gonna say goodbye,” you go inside the beach house check around so you havnt forgotten anything, then find your journal in the draw, you took it under your shirt and lock up.

“Got everything?”

“Yep, let’s go.”

You both get in the car and drive without looking back knowing you will be back again soon before you forget.

Author’s Notes:

This was really long! Im sorry if you didn’t want a long one, but it had to be done lol!! Tell me if you liked it! :D :D


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