One Direction Imagines

If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


9. Baking- Amanda and Louis

“Louis have you washed your hands?” you laugh tying the back of your apron on.

“Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh,” he shouts loudly laughing and turning the tap on to obey your command.

“Okay let’s get started,” you clap your hands together, and he grabs some eggs and flour and pours them into a large bowl.

He begins to flick egg whites at you and every time you turn to look, he stops like a statue.

“HEY!” you giggle “cut that out, we don’t have enough eggs for you to play with”

“Aww alright,” he says carrying on.

“Is this how you want to play it?” you raise an eyebrow.

“Yeh im awesome at this game and im already winning,” he says smugly.

So you grab the bag of flour and attempt to throw it at him “you’re not going to be winning for long,” the flour pours all over his hair slightly flattening his quiff.

“WO Amanda, not the hair!” he says shaking his head like a dog with fleas.

“This war has no rules,” you laugh cockily back.

“Okay then,” he laughs and grabs the last egg then throws it at you, hitting the target perfectly.

“OMG you idiot!” you laugh so hard “come here for a hug,” you stretch your arms out and chase him around the kitchen”

“No get away,” he runs like a little kid who things he’s playing tag.

You jump at him and you both fall on the floor and Louis grabs the side on the way down but grabs the flour bag instead and the last of it snows down on you both. You both sit their laughing then stand up and look around you at the mess you made.

“Oh No, Dads gonna be around in 2 hours for his birthday meal and we don’t have enough stuff to make the cake,” you’re getting a little upset and Louis attempts to make you feel better.

“Sweet heart,” he kisses your cheek, “you tidy this up I will nip out to Tesco’s and buy a premade one,” he laughs.

Your face brightens up as you see how much he cares for you “thanks baby,” you wrap your arms around him and kiss his lips softly, whilst doing so you grab the piping tube from behind him and pull away from him.

“You have a bit of stubble right here,” you say drawing on a moustache with the cake icing and laughing in hysterics.


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