One Direction Imagines

If anyone wants one comment below, you? who? and what? (just a word topic would be nice) I dont do especially dirty ones but they can be romantic just read some and you will understand what i mean also i dont do sad or angry ones!!! :) enjoy


4. Alex and Liam

You land on the couch head on Liam’s shoulder and legs relaxed on top of his. “Hey Alex, you all right honey?” he asks softly no real concern just a general conversation.

“Yeah, just a little tired,” you say quietly wriggling about getting comfy in Liam’s warm chest.

He hugs his arms around your waist and lets you rest your head under his soft cheek, “baby go to sleep,” he strokes your hair and makes you feel so cosy and tranquil. You begin to doze on top of him and he makes soothing noises to put you in a deep sleep.

An hour or so later you wake up with an asleep, charming, young man’s arms tangled around your body. You stretch out trying to reach for the remote without awakening your hunky boyfriend. You grab it and place it next to you and you take a minute to stare over your beau to see the adorable little faces and the cute noises he’s quietly making.

You turn the TV on and it comes on booming, so you quickly turn it down but it’s too late, the rare little things Liam does has gone and they turn into the common cute things instead, like smiling at you which sends feelings through you every time.

“Sorry babe,” you apologise stroking his sleepy little face.

“It’s okay sweet pea,” he’s always forgive full one of his many good points. “I’m not tired anymore,” he yawns obviously wanting something.

“Yes you are,” you playfully reply.

“No, im not,” he laughs back.

“Yes, you,” he shuts you up with a passionate kiss, pulling you in to him on the couch, 'so that’s what he wanted' you think. He continues kissing you, up and down your neck.

“Gosh I love you,” he says to you which makes a spark go off inside you and you push him off looking straight in his eyes, then leap straight back onto his lips and kiss harder this time it’s you telling him you love him without words.

Author’s notes: So sorry it’s really short, I didn’t really know where this one was going but I hope you liked it though.


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