I Hope

Kimberly, an advanced Directioner hopes she could meet One Direction. But, most of all, she wants to meet Niall. She's been hoping for the LONGEST time and she swears that she will meet One Direction before she dies. But Kimberly wants to make this perfect and she has NEVER done anything perfect her entire life! So, she hopes that she could try to get things perfect, but she still hopes she could meet One Direction.


2. Oh God!?

Kimberly and Leann sat down in detention. Their teacher watched them for 30 minutes and left. Kimberly was fishtail braiding her hair and Leann was doing a QuickFire on herself about One Direction. For about 4 hours they stayed in that room.

As time passed, Kimberly and Leann soon got easily bored. Until, Kimberly heard a familiar voice. She walked over to Leann and said: "Dude, do you hear that? Sounds so familiar!" Then, they quietly listened. The voice sounded like a very special Irish boy. "Niall Horan?!!" Kimberly squealed and jumped. She checked. She opened the door and Leann followed her behind. 

Kimberly and Leann couldn't believe what they saw! They saw One Direction!!! Leann saw Harry and started blushing. "OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMINGOD! OMIGOD!!!" Kimberly and Leann said at the same time, seriously loud... Then, Zayn said: "Did you guys hear something?" 

"The sound of girls squealing, maybe?" Liam answered. 

They turned around and saw Leanne and Kimberly. 

"Hello!" Louis greeted sweetly.

Kimberly and Leann were trying to keep it cool. Kimberly answered calmly "Hi! Are you One Direction, as in The One Direction?" 

Niall smirked and looked at Kimberly. Kimberly smiled back at Niall she felt butterflies in her stomach.

Leann turned to look at Harry. Harry looked at Leann "Hey" Harry said to Leann. Leann smiled and said "Hi, Harry right?" Leann was just playing cool on the outside :P 

Zayn came up to Leann and Kimberly and said "Vas Happenin'?" Kimberly giggled and said Hi to Zayn. Niall asked Kimberly:

"So, what are you girls doing here in school?" 

"Detention. Leann and I got spotted writing notes about how stupid the teacher was. Then when the teacher asked Leann to repeat what the teacher had said, Leann went like: Dafuq?" Kimberly said. 

"So.... would you girls like to come hang with us?" Liam asked Kimberly and Leann. "Sure..." Kimberly answered "...but we gotta get our bags first" 

Niall opened the door for them. Kimberly and Leann got their bags and they were ready to go. Harry drove to their hangout. 

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