I Hope

Kimberly, an advanced Directioner hopes she could meet One Direction. But, most of all, she wants to meet Niall. She's been hoping for the LONGEST time and she swears that she will meet One Direction before she dies. But Kimberly wants to make this perfect and she has NEVER done anything perfect her entire life! So, she hopes that she could try to get things perfect, but she still hopes she could meet One Direction.


1. Dreams First!

Kimberly walked through the school corridor. Everyone was looking at her. Kimberly felt everyone was mad at her for something she did, although she did nothing at all. Then, she approached her locker. She opened it, and there was a One Direction calendar and some locker posters inside her locker. Everyone just kept on looking at her and they were all like ugh when they walked past her. Kimberly had no idea why everyone was looking at her like that.

Then, Kimberly finally got the courage to ask someone what was going on 'cause she felt really uncomfortable. "Um.. Hello? Could someone please tell me why you are laughing at me?" Kimberly shyly screamed. 

Then, a girl from the crowd came up and said: "Kimberly, right? You're a Directioner huh? It's obvious but you don't have to show a witty sign on your back!" 

Kimberly was so ashamed. So, she turned around and tried to pull of the sign. Alas, she pulled off the sign. What was written there was: Niall Horan! One Direction. Too hot for me! Awwhh. Kimberly read that aloud and it was pretty embarrassing. She had a big feeling that Tilly did it. Tilly was the diva. Clothes, Shoes, Bags; she's good. Being nice, last thing she'd ever do.

Tilly gave Kimberly a sharp look and just rolled her eyes. Lauren walked to her best friend Kimberly.

"You didn't see that sign, did you?" Kimberly asked Lauren.

"Let's be honest honey, I did. And Tilly; well she had something to do with it" Lauren answered her best friend honestly. Kimberly sighed as they walked toward their French class.

"Bonjour" their teacher greeted. The class greeted back. Kimberly took a back seat, right behind Lauren. Lauren and Kimberly were passing notes to each other. Then, when their teacher asked Lauren to repeat and then Lauren went like "Dafuq?" 

The teacher grabbed the note in Lauren's hand. Kimberly wrote: I hate this class. The teacher is so stupid -.- Lauren wrote: Stupid. Yeaaaa.. So agreed. The teacher gave them detention after school, 3:00- 8:00. They just sit in the room doing nothing- well homework if they had any. So Lauren and Kimberly called their mothers using their phones. They had iPhones. Lauren's wallpaper was her and Kimberly when they were younger. Kimberly's was a photo of Niall Horan. 

So, they rang their mothers and what Lauren got was a simple "Okay". What Kimberly got was a long, boring scolding from her mother. 

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