Over You

When Louis'younger sister, Holley, meets the rest of the boys at a signing to surprise Louis, will she fall in love with one or all of them? What consequences will await her? Find out by reading Over You


1. Hi

There were a lot, and i mean A LOT of screaming girls at this signing, They're to busy to notice that Louis Tomlinson's younger sister is standing right here. I am so glad I brought earplugs. I was wearing a hoodie that was specifically designed for me and some skinny jeans. As the line moved up i became more fearful that he wouldnt recognize me, we haven't seen each other because i was on an important college thing and he had to go while i was gone. I really missed him, here i go. The boys sat with you meeting niall, zayn, liam, harry, and then louis. "hello"  "hi" "" whats your name love?" "holley" "your beautiful" i giggled "thank you" to the next boy! "hello" "VAS HAPPENIN?!" "You'll see very soon. Don't worry it'll be a good surprise." Umm... ok, Good luck with that." "Thanks I'll need it." "Hi liam." "hello!" "you seem tired" ÿeah, i didn't get much sleep because a certain someone kept poking me with a carrot every 10 minutes." as he said the last part he gave Louis the death glare. It's a good thing he didn't  notice, Louis can be quite sassy at times. "poor poor liam." "pretty much have a good one!" "You too!" Now for the boy with the beautiful locks. "hello, may i say that beanie loks very good on you" "Thanks... Holley?" "SHHH!!!!" I forgot to mention i was quickly becoming a star, following my brothers footsteps. "why do i have to keep that last part quiet?" "You'll see soon! i have to say hi to a certain sass master."

" oh i see ok well have a good day" "you too" louis was still signing something and had his head down. "Hey" "hi" "will, you dont look like your very happy." His head shot up at his childhood nickname. "Holley?" I took the shades and hoodie off.
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