Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


4. Zach?

-Gracie's POV-

"Child please. Get up. Like NOW!" "what oh hay." "Thank god it's like 11" "well i was realllyy tired so blehh."She's gunna be in her crazy mood i can see it. "Okay i got an idea so we both go around not together and like look around for cool places to go together k?" I asked, well more of told. "Okay yeah you should go rent a car and i'll text you when and where to pick me up." "Sounds good to me, alright i'm going since I got up earlier so bye."

I left the room and went downstairs mhm they have a aquarium maybe we should go there sometime. Oh brochures i'll just head over there. Dolphins omgomgomgomg i love dolphins we are going there i'll tell her this. Now I shall lead over to the indoor hot tub because i found some good things. Well not really I just walked downstairs. 

Okay hot guys why i just think i'll chat with them for a while.

-Ashley's POV-

Ughh where am i suppose to go, knowing Gracie she probably found one thing and left somewhere, hopefully Gracie went to rent a car. I headed downstairs to the map area and found a place to go para-sailing and jet skiing i love those. Okay well i'll go make reservation's, guess i'm walking too. I went to the para-sailing place and made our reservations. Hopefully it won't rain since the skies are darkening. Oh well  I'll text Gracie to pick me up at the big water fountain in town. 

"Ashley?" I heard a faint voice say my name "huh i thought i heard Zach" my boyfriend but i don't really know now. There i go turning around and bumped into him." Oh my gosh sorry" As i looked up it wasn't him though same voice, wait ihisiuehfins control now girl. "Yourrr Louis Tomlinson." "Yes but you know me babe." He sounds exactly like Zach. "Um how?" I asked. "I'm Zach too." "No your not, you can't be." "Shh It's still me." "No it's not you lied to me okay,why?" "I couldn't go out with you as Louis i had to disguise myself fo-" "For you? so you wouldn't get in trouble for it all, you practically cheated on me and Eleanor. No it's not okay." I was about to cry why did he do this to me is that why he did that thing and wouldn't talk to me for a while? It's all confusing. "No i did it for you babe i went for you because i love you." "Yeah that's what all cheaters say, but now um were done.K?" " No babe-" "Oh and DON'T call me babe, Bye." I walked away from him crying but perfect timing it started to rain.

Where in the world is Gracie it's been long enough, i'm soaked and she's not here, how could this day get any worse.

-Gracie's POV-

This day can't get any better i had a guy ask me out woo and he was a cutie. Maybe it's time to head back up and take a shower. I went up the elevator and into mine and Ashley's room. OMG ASHLEY oh my gosh i left her i didn't rent a car erghhh. I ran down the stairs instead of the elevator and ran next door to the rent a car. I drove as quickly as i could, gosh and it's pouring. I feel bad now ew. I finally got there and she was soaked,great. "YOU LEFT ME" was the first thing she said."I know i'm sorry okay." "What was so much more important then your bestfriend?, did you go to the hot tube because i thought you would knowing you, you probably hung out with boys right?" i kept quiet she knows me well."Exactly" she said. 


-I still posted it woo c; i just had a  hour drive and still am posting this hope you like it (: but it may be a little sloppy since it's 1:35 a.m and i'm so tired so yeah bye  now :).-


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