Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


8. You'll try

"Gooooood morning Gracie." I jumped on her bed waking her up. "OMG i was sleeping whyyyy!" "We have a huge day ahead of us c'mon." "You just wanna be around Louis or Zayn i know it." "well they're just awesome haha you have to get Zayn out of his guiet stage and he's crazy."I smiled and laughed I was just happy. "Let's go." "Okay okay lover girl." "No just no."  We went over to the boys room and decided to go out for breakfast."So we're just going downstairs right?" Liam asked. "Yeah i guess." Gracie said. 

"So what's everybody getting." The waiter  asked. "I'll have two pancakes and grits and eggs fried over medium." I told him i always get that. "I'll have the same thing" Zayn said. I smiled huh he likes grits too. Everybody else ordered we ate and went back up to the room. "Maybe we should make a list of who's going with Gracie okay." Louis suggested. "Yeah that'll be easy." Harry said. The list was Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, then Zayn."Bye bye Grace." I said, that's my nickname for her. "Have fun" The boys screamed. "I will haha." 

"Okay so what are we all doing?" I asked. "I don't know." Niall said. "Okay then." Ehh i'll just go to Zayn, Louis ,Niall and Harry are watching a movie so Zayn seems lonely. I walked in front of his room, he must be on the phone. "Perrie we're over." ..... "You cheated on me i know." "I called you the other night and your other 'boyfriend'  answered."...."Besides there is a way better girl i know now so i don't need you"...."Bye" I walked in and acted like nothing happened but i heard it. "What's shacking bacon." I asked "Oh you look down what happened?" I couldn't let him know i heard that, what if he was talking about me. "Oh i just broke up with perrie......" He trailed off. i hugged him.  "I'm sorry, but look on the bright side there are better fish in the sea." He laughed "Yes wayyy better." He smiled. "So what should we do?" I asked. "I don't know maybe we can watch a movie?" "I KNOW WHAT"I screamed, his smile at that moment was shinning."What?" Zayn laughed. "We. Can. Watch. UP. I LOVEEEE that movie." I did a puppy face. "Oh but i come from a sappy family so i'm gunna cry ... a lot." I said I cry so much in the beginning. "Okay we'll watch that." He had the movie yaye, he put it in and we sat on his bed. Thank god he's going last. "I may cry too okay." "Don't worry then aha." We both cried and cried.

"GUYSSS GET UP!!!" Louis was screaming "What i fell asleep?" I realized we both did and i was cuddling with Zayn, oops. "yeah it's 7 ya'll have been sleeping for hours." "OMG i'm so sorry." I said but i wasn't i liked it so. "Were you both crying?" We both started laughing. "We were watching UP okay." Zayn told them.

Louis needed to talk to me again, gosh this boy. "So what do ya need." "Will you go out with me just one night please?" "Umm I don't  know i'll think about it." I keep turning him down i feel bad  at least he's trying.




-Sorry i have school tomorrow and i needed sleep since i stayed up pretty late last night, it was new years eve so WOO. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!-

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