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16. You?

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-Ashley's POV- 

"How the hell did you find me." I whispered, rudely. "I didn't, I just was leaving those jerks I hated doing that to you and Zayn." "Really?" "Yeah but Louis, Fizzy, everyone were just like we have too." Huh this may not be such a bad journey after all. "Aw well we escaped." "Then where's Zayn?" "I went on the wrong flight." I had my straight face on. " Oh god you're lucky i'm going to the states too, we'll find him ok." How, my flacking phone is gone. "I sure hope so, I can't get in touch with him." "mhm we'll find a way, besides you have me for now." He put his arm around me I just smiled. 

-Zayn's POV-

Okay I can't freak out she'll find me, just calm down. Wait what if she's all alone and dies because of me. Oh no she'll be fine.... No she's all alone I have to do something. 

"Sir, is everything alright?" This lady asked me. "Oh yeah yeah, fine." "Oh and may I sit besides you?" "No problem." "Thank you." She was very pretty but not enough to get my mind off Ashley.

"So, what's your name, we might as well talk on this long ride." "Yeah haha, my name is Isabella, yours?" "Very pretty name, I'm Zayn." I hate the name Isabella but I couldn't just be mean, I guess. "Oh, are you from One Direction???" I have myself a fan. "Yeah, was." "Well still I love ya'll." She smiled at me. "Well we aren't a band anymore, barely friends." "Oh that sucks." "Yeah yeah a lot of things do now." 

"Like what?" "My girlfriend went on the wrong plane, somehow." "Perrie?" "NONONO, Ashley." "Who?" "Oh you won'y know her and I probably won't see her again." "Aww that is bad, how bout this, you and me go out ya know to a bar or something get your mind off things. Like after the plane ride." I don't know what I should do but I do need some freedom. "Mhm I don't know." "Awe c'mon don't be a loner." "Fine uhh."

She seemed fun. I just hope tomorrow i'll find Ashley, I miss her already.

-Ashley's POV-

I woke up realizing I was laying on Harry and he was asleep on my back. Ekkkkkk. "Harry get up." I shook him. "Huh what." "We're here." "We are yeaahhh." "So what was this flight to anyway?" I hope it's not Arkansas. "Florida." "Oh that's good." 

"Get your stuff we'll find a hotel for you and me k" "With two beds right." "Of course." Finally off that plane. Harry grabbed my hand, I didn't pull back because I didn't want to loose him, he's the only thing I have right now.

"So found one yet?" He was looking around while we were walking. "I think I have a good one." "let's see then." We walk into a nice and cute hotel. He told the guy, "A large two room suit." and he whispered to me, we're going to be staying here for a while" "ok" I told him back. 

I walked up to our suit, It was pretty big. "Like it?" "Yeah I get to choose my room." I ran into one, then the other. "I call this one!" Standing in the doorway. "But I want it." "No" "Yes" No" "Oh whatever." We put all of our clothes up in our room.

"So we should go out for food or something." Harry said. "Or get some drinks." I want something to boost me. "Okay but if you get drunk it's not my fault." He laughed. 

We walked outside to find a bar. "There's a club, we could go there." "Yeah I guess." Florida, the place were sadness is a lie. People go to bars here to have fun and live. We finally walk inside there weren't too many people, but there was a lot. "Hay come to the bar with me" I asked Harry. "Okay okay."

"Can I have 4 shots." Then bartender gave me my four. "So how many do you want? 1 or 2?" "Just one."I guess i'm the one going to get drunk. I drank all three I could already feel the buzz. I walked to the bar and asked for two more. I was happily dancing so stupid I almost fainted. Harry was somewhere. I don't care though i'm already drunk.

"Hay babe hows it going." I don't know who this guy was but we talked and started to do some drunk dancing. I got away though and ordered 1 more shot. "Hay Ashley." "Huh, oh hay pretty boy." I touched his chest. "Your drunk, let's go." "No handsome I can't. I need more." "No we're going." He took me outside. "I'll go with you if you get beer from a store to take back." "Uh no." "Please I won't run away." I was laughing for no reason. "Oh my god, fine" He walked into the store with out me. "There happy let's go back." 

We started walking back to our hotel. "Okay now have some." I handed him a bottle. He already had some just not as much as me I think. I ended up even more drunk. Harry was pretty bad too. "Hay pretty booyy." I laughed. "Hay sexy lady." I don't even know who's room I was in. "Come here." He whispered. I crawled over him. Where I was on top of him. "What" I whispered in his ears. I started to make out with him. Not even knowing what I was doing.

"You should change, into my clothes." He winked. I was laughing. I stripped right in front of him and put on his big shirt. "Now come back to me babe." "Oh i'm your babe now huh." I smiled. "Yeah you are." I went back on top of him, touching him, making out with his soft lips. He groaned. "Oh yeah thaat's good right." He smiled at me.

He grabbed my ass. I was still kissing him, while his hands were roaming.

-Zayn's POV-

Once our flight was over Isabella and I walked out together and found a hotel. "so we'll go to this bar I know it's good" Isabella smiled. We walked in the bar, not to many people. All I remember from there is being absolutely drunk.

-Next Morning-

I woke up I was in my bed, my arms were wrapped around somebody. Isabella. I looked down. I wasn't wearing any clothes wonderful. Neither was Isabella. "Isabella wake up." She shook a little. "what i'm- HOLY CRAP." "Yeah....Um I think we did it last night." "Yeah, maybe not the greatest idea but atleast it was with you." She winked. "Haha yeah." We both got up,I glanced at her she was fine. "Like what you see huh." "Maybe." I walked close to her so that we were touching.

I kissed her lightly, then it did it.

"Okay last time." "Well we just had sex twice in two nights, how are you not going to again." She winked. "Shutup." I finally got dressed."I'm going to get food, want anything?" "Yeah just bring me anything."

-Ashley's POV-

I woke up and smiled. I felt my hands wrapped around somebody, Zayn. It was probably just a dream. "Hay." I shook him. Then I opened my eyes wider, it was Harry.  Damn. " Harry, last night, we did it." He shot up then. "WHAT. Oh my god this was a terrible idea, Zayn is going to kill me!" Oh god how is Zayn going to react. "Just don't tell him if we find him." "Let's just go get food."

I kept quiet. We had that silent awkward breakfast. "What are we suppose to do?" Harry asked. "I don't know i told you just don't tell him." "It may slip out though." "Then keep your mouth shut."



-SOOOOO a lot of things happened :0 bababaaaa lol creepy sound ... I don't like sex scenes so i just tried somethings in ther :P but yeah hope youuu like it (: I'll post uhh tuesday and i'm posting on Gone to today.... so stay tuned ....THAT'S ALL FOLKS...for today. I'm all cartoony right now......... yeah BYYYEEE for now.-

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