Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


19. Time after Time

-Ashley's POV-

-Day of Birth-

"oh my gosh." I hate this, I hate this. "It's perfectly fine babe." Harry realize that won't cheer me up, I said to myself. 

-lalala skip birth-

Something we didn't realize before, was that what we thought was only going to be one child came out as two a boy and a girl.


"Aw look at her, he has precious green eyes." Harry smiled. "She's so cute." I smiled. I thought this would all turn out terrible. Harry really is an amazing boyfriend. Yeah we are going out now but I still love Zayn hard to say. All this was an accident but it turned out perfectly fine. "Should we tell...Zayn?" I asked. "If it's fine I still have his phone number but he never got mine so." "How did that happen?" "Well I deleted my contact when I was messing with his phone" "So you had it all planned out, huh." He can be smart too. "Maybe I did." 

We stayed another night before we could take our babies home. "This is going to be fun yet also suck." Harry said.  "Eh maybe." I smiled. "It's going to fun telling them stories when they're older, things we did, things they did. Ah this is going to be good." Harry said. I could tell he already loved them, they're beautiful. The girl had green eyes, light brown hair, her name Samantha that fits her perfectly. We'll call her Sam for short. The boy has curly hair and green eyes too, his name is Jake. We have to get a test for the girl, the boy was here first but we never knew about the girl.

-Zayn's POV-

I never fell in love with Isabella, but I can't  leave her she is going to have a child and i'm the father. The baby is a boy and is due any time this week. "Oh Zayn my belly getting big ugh." Her stupid redneck voice said. 

-Next Day- 

Now the baby is due, were in the hospital right now. "Oh god." The doctors tell her to push and push and she's just screeching. "Aw." "Ahh hes out." She said. The baby is not crying. "Doctor what's wrong?" "Um the baby, the baby isn't breathing!" People started rushing everywhere. "Oh no my baby can't die!" I should act like I care, well I really do only for the baby. "Were trying Ms. Crosby." I laughed in my head, I hate her last name. "What's going to happen?" I asked and kissed Isabella's hand. She was tearing up. "I'm sorry but your baby, it didn't make it." The nurse said. "Isabella it'll be fine." I tried to comfort her but she kept weeping. Now Ashley won't have to be so hurt. I have to find her all I do is think about her and wonder where she is, how she's doing. 

Later that day i packed my bags I couldn't stand it I need to get her back. "Isabella can you get the mail?" "Ugh fine." She handed me a postcard it said, 'hey i'm so sorry for not telling you why I left, but I did it for the better. I was drunk one night and me and Harry hooked up. It wasn't intended but we have two kids now, a boy and a girl they're names are Jake and Samantha, or Sam. I'm so sorry I love you but since this happened I wanted my kid to have his dad and now a girl's too. I love you, From Ashley.' I was tearing up , sometimes they don't think the address was on the back. 

I drove to where they were, not even caring what Isabella is doing. 

-At there house-

I knocked on the door, i couldn't control it I was freaking out. Harry then opened the door his smile when he turned to me completely went away. He showed me in scratched his head and turned away. "Um Ashley we have a guest." Harry screamed. This isn't how it's suppose to be I love her more than anything. "Oh my." Was all her pretty happy face said and then went blank. I guess they can't react to me. Considering they both left me without telling me why. She mostly left me broken down,crying at night, while this freak girl obsessed over me. 

-Ashley's POV-

The boy I loved showed up at my door. I never thought to see him so soon. I know he saw that I was shameful, I am I didn't tell him anything. I just couldn't hurt him by telling him, just watching him crumble is worse. "So why'd you stop by?" I swallowed. "Well you know since I just found out that you have twins!" He is pissed, all I see is his misery I can't take it. "I didn't want to hurt you, it was better for both of us." I tried to say calmly as the tears go down my face. Just him showing up was enough now him being pissed at me is terrible.  "Look we were both drunk a night and it happened on accident but since they're my kids I have to take care of them." Harry helped me out since he saw I was struggling. 

"Drunk. Drunk. Wonderful, see I was also drunk and did it with Isabella, she had a baby. It died." "Omg i'm so sorry." I never knew that. "It's fine I didn't want her around, the baby was only thing I accepted. Without it there I didn't care about her." He never liked her, I didn't either. "Oh well sorry still, but Zayn maybe you should move on I have a family, I can't ditch them now."  It hurts so bad, to love someone but can't really love him. I love Harry but I love Zayn. Harry is my children's father so i guess it says he's for me.

"Fine so your just going to leave me. In this world of crap! I was the one there when your lover, Harry, trapped you! I'm the one that got you out of that place! And you still go to him. He's bi, maybe he'll want a man someday? You aren't for him, your for me only! I love you more than anything and this is how you repay me?" He was crying, I was crying lucky Sam and Jake were asleep. "I  know! I can't do anything I love you, but for the sake of my children I want them to be with they're real dad." I looked at his droopy eyes. Lost of his happiness he was gone. He looked at me then Harry and walked out without another word. Harry came up and hugged me. I just stood there crying in his arms. Losing Zayn for sure this time hurts more. 

I walked to the door, he was gone. He was pissed at me and he just left. I hated seeing him go. I thought everything would be fine but no. It was worse. Zayn probably hates  me now, he won't ever talk to me again too. As long as Harry is here for me i'll be fine. I think.




-So I think i'm going to make a sequel later. Like after 5 or 6 more chapters. Sorry I haven't updated in a while school is getting harder and I have soccer and softball so i'm packed. 

Who do yo want Ashley to be with? 

I already have the boy but you know I just wanna know. 

But if I make a sequel I don't know if people would read it :/

Hehe I liked this chapter with Zayn in all. 

Okay bye now c: -


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