Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


20. The Truth

-Ashley's POV-

Well it's been a couple days since Zayn had came. The things he does to me. I tried to stop thinking of him and walked out for the mail. I flipped through it and nothing was good but i stopped on something from the hospital. I walked inside, Harry was with the kids in their room, I sat down opening the mail. ' Dear Ashley, we did a DNA check, you may not have asked but we did since we didn't see her before. The DNA says that Zayn Malik is the father. Sincerely from Dr. Ross.

MY mouth hung open how is this happening now. I already have to deal with him not here and now I had his child too. This is all screwed up. "Hey babe, watcha got there?" I snapped out of my thoughts then. "Oh, trash mail " I looked to the side and got up."Well okay you hungry? The kids are sleeping." "Yeah I am i'm just tired, can you make something." I looked at him and smiled lightly. "I guess." He laughed showing his dimples. He got up and went into the kitchen while I walked to our room. I have to tell Zayn or something.  

"Hey what you making boo?" I walked up to Harry.  "WAFFLES!" "It's like 4 in the evening." I laughed at him.  "You know you want them." "Your right I do." He is great, all I know is i'm to stupid to realize some things. Harry and I ate and he decided to take a nap. So now I have the perfect time to tell Zayn. I don't know how to say it or how to tell Harry either, it would ruin him. He loves them both so much just watching him look at them you know he cares. I stepped in our car and drove off. 

-Skip Drive-

I walked to the hotel he can't be anywhere else so. I knocked on his door. The twisting knob just scared me i'm just so nervous. He opened the door looked at me and closed it. Luckily I stuck my foot in the door. "Zayn I have something really important to tell you!" He didn't answer until after a few minutes. "Just go you have Harry to tell." He did open the door he just wasn't looking at me. "I can't tell him unless I tell you. First." I looked at him he looked miserable, he hasn't shaved I can tell but he's still his beautiful self. "Why can't you just tell him you don't need me." He glanced at me and closed the door to fast for me to get to it. "No Zayn listen, I need you!" I had to scream at the door, I do need him he really is my love that hurts. "Please just listen." He won't answer me at all. "I know your listening so, Sam isn't Harry's child ! She's yours!" 

I turned and left I can't handle it he's being a douche. "What?" I heard from behind me, I kept walking. I got in my car all I here is his yells. I won't stop his own fault for ignoring me. I drove back to find Harry and the kids gone well he's probably just going to the store, I'll just text him. 

'Hey you at the store?' 

'Yeah heading back now. xx' 

'k see ya in a bit :)' 

He's just ugh, how can I tell him that one of the kids isn't his? This is a hard challenge. I just sat down to watch something but I feel asleep.  

I woke up to sirens in the T.V gosh more crashes. I tried to sleep again but I git a phone call. "Hey Harry." "Hey um well so I um got in a crash, with the kids i'm sorry." "Omg I wasn't there for you i'm  the one who should be saying sorry. Are you guys at a hospital?" "Yeah." "Okay i'm coming now!" Oh wow this just won't end. I hope they're not hurt. I rushed to the hospital.

"I'm here for Harry Styles." I told the nurse "Okay follow me." She looked nervous. I saw the room, Harry crying, He didn't sound like that before.  I looked around only Sam was there shit. "Where's Jake?" "He got hurt bad, I'm sorry." "Hey he'll be fine right?"  "Not so sure about that." He choked out. "Why?" "He banged his head up bad, really bad." I couldn't reply I just sat with a little bit of tears. Well what a freaken day. Every thing in this world is already messed up and some days it's good others it's terrible.





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