Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


11. Take Over

-Louis' POV- 

I woke up in Ashley's room... Oh god what did I do. Crap. All I did was go out have a couple beers, guess I got drunk I just can't take him being with her all the time. I would've known this would happen if I wasn't thinking about her all the time. I need to just get rid of one of them...Haha i'll do just that. 

-Ashley's POV-

"Are you serious?" Harry asked, he looked like he was gunna cry. "Yeah that's why i have this." I turned around and lifted my shirt up, he cut me on accident because of it. I  started to cry i didn't even tell Gracie. "OH My god." Niall screamed. "Guys he did it on accident." I told them. "Why didn't you tell me!" Gracie yelled. "I couldn't i just like froze every time i tried." I said. "Besides it was like 3 years ago." I told them all, Zayn is staring at me weird...I don't know why. "It's still a big thing." Liam said. By then Zayn took me in a hug, I still had my tears so. "You could have told us we would have done something." Zayn's angelic voice whispered. The morning was lovely 'til he went crazy. "Can we go get food?" I stared into those amazing brown eyes of his. "Sure, hey guys we'll be back." He grabbed his coat and took my hand.

"So what should we do?" He smiled that one smile that could make your day the most beautiful thing. I don't know how long I've had these butterflies, no dinosaurs. It's really a stamped. "Can we just like eat and go for a walk." I asked. "Yeah." Stop smiling it's to astonishing, beautiful, and amazing. We walked in silence, not awkward just being next to him is making this complete. I didn't realize I was staring at his fine face and he turned to look at me and smiled. "What are you looking at?" He laughed. "You, your just perfect." "Hun, i'm not nearly close to perfect." "But to me you are and that's all that matters." He smiled at me with his big shiny brown eyes. We then got to our restaurant and took our seats.

-Louis' POV-

"What did i do?" I walked into my room. "Well look." Harry said "OMG, guys i'm sorry I couldn't handle it all i was.. drunk." I scratched my head and turned away. "Hey it's fine we all get a little crazy sometimes." Harry says , he walks closer and gives me a hug. "Do you know where they went?" "Why?" "I need to apologize." I lied. "Oh there eating." Liam walked in and said. "thanks." Okay i have to get Ashley alone and i'll take her. 

-Zayn's POV-

"Hay do you think Louis will ever do something crazy again?" I asked her, i'm worried. I mean if he did it twice he'll do it again. "Well I don't know, he won't do it today though if he does it'll be in the next week or so." Her green eyes told it all, I lost most worry, she's so calm. "I need to go to the  bathroom k, stay here." "it's not like i'm going anywhere." She laughed. 

-Ashley's POV-

I watched him walk away slowly, good timing my food was here. The next thing i know though id being dragged, so fast it happened. He won't stop 'til he get's what he doesn't deserve. I just sat silent he would do something if i screamed i know. 

-Zayn's POV-

I walked back to the table, she wasn't there, probably just went to the bathroom since some food is gone. I waited 5 minutes she still hasn't come back. Now i'm worried maybe she went back to the room. I left though, my food untouched, me running to the room, screaming her name. No answer at all. What if he took her, my girl. Yeah i'm confident she's mine. I kept looking 'til i got to the room. I ran inside, "Guys is Ashley here?" "No, why?" 

-Mysterious Person's POV-

Sad thing is Zayn turned the wrong way by the time he got to the room they were long gone. Not leaving the island, well just not going back. You won't know who it is, only I do. Nobody will know who i am, for a while at least. I won't tell anything though. I keep my mouth shut. Unless it's people in my group. Yeah i'll become a big thing nobody would guess who I am, it's impossible. To let you know I know everything that's happening every little plan made, everything. they won't find Ashley she's going t be in a nice little area. Which knowing Zayn, he won't find her fast. Unless he thinks it's all on him and goes crazy until he finds her. They may get somewhere.



-HAY HAY, well this can't be longer I leave it mysterious lol ermg. ermg. ermg. little school info my teacher got suspended for 20 day HAHA she told me to face her wrath if i didn't do my work, which i was. Then she got high on campus lol AND she cuts herself..... she has bad things and good things but did do bad things yeah aha.. sorry just had a little story... So hope you like it (: think about who the mysterious people are c; -  

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