Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


15. Sweet Escape

-This chapter is going to be pretty long since I didn't post Tuesday sorry I had History Fair crap-


-Ashley's POV-

Once I woke up Zayn already was up with breakfast. "It's fresh."  "Yaye thanks." I told Zayn. "We have to get out today, we can't just stay here letting them do this." "Your right, how about we go about noon they usually leave by then." "Yeaah okay okay, and we'll stay at the hotel not in our room. Once it's morning we can get our things." "yeah ok ok good idea." I said after our planning.

I heard movement outside our door. I hear there voices faintly, "Hay babe, what about we get everyone out of here except us." That was Niall, probably talking to Gracie. I rolled my eyes. "Gosh  we can try to get out when they're getting it on." Zayn said, I laughed. Maybe we could.

It was about noon all I know is Niall and Gracie are here making out. I look down and see they're by our door. Then, clink, Niall's key fell out and they were just walking away, I guess they didn't here it. "Ash look." "Grab it!" More of a whisper scream. "they're so stupid." We just sit there waiting for them to go.

"Ok I think they're gone." I said. "Yeah let's get the hell out of here." I walked to the door, they need to think about putting a double sided lock before they kidnap people. Zayn put the key in and opened the door. "Oh my god we're out." I screamed, and hugged him. "Let's go." 

We run outside to the boats, they have one just in case. We start it up and head back. "Zayn your amazing." I smiled looking at his flowing hair in the wind. "Well not as amazing as you are." He exclaimed. "Lie." I smiled. The rest of the ride was silent and peaceful.

Zayn finally got to a dock and we went walkimg down streets to find a small hotel.  "Here's one." Zayn said. "It looks cute and cozy." "Yup, let's get a room." The place was nice once we got in, Zayn grabbed my hand. "We'd like a room." I said. "Okay room 217 is your room." He rung us up and Zayn and I walked off hand-in-hand.

"It's cute." I smiled. "Just like you." He said, my blush is bad so I was probably really red. "I'm going to take a shower I need one badly." I told him. He nodded and turned the T.V. on. I walked into the shower and when it came on I was so happy finally I get a shower after a two weeks, I only took one shower their.

I put hot water on washed up and just stood there thinking. Does he really like me a lot, does he care for me, would he do something like Louis did, what happened to my friends? So many thoughts came through no good ones all bad. I don't know what to do, my friends are gone, at least I have Zayn. 

I stepped out of the shower and had to put my clothes back on, I can't wait 'til I get some tomorrow. I walked out and told Zayn, "Your turn." He went in and in a bout 15 minutes later came back out. "So You just want a good nights rest on a good bed right?" "OH MY GOD, yes"  We both laughed.

Zayn and I got in our bed. "Goodnight,  love."  "Goodnight." I smiled. I rested my head on his chest and he just held me in his arms. One of the best feelings. 

-Next Morning-

"Morning." I awake seeing Zayn is up, just starring at me. In the cute way, I think. "Okay we should get ready for ya know." "Yeah, yeah." I put my hair in a messy bun. Still having my clothes on from yesterday and the day before that, well for a while. I felt like a mess.

"Want to eat some breakfast first?" Zayn asked. "If you want I'm fine with whatever." I exclaimed. "Well maybe we should just go." "OK that's fine too." I told him, I really didn't care.

We walked to the bigger hotel and went to the room. We know they already left and besides what will they do know. I walked inside and Niall was in my room with Gracie, asleep. Thank god. I grabbed my stuff and ran out. Most of it was in Zayn's room anyway. 

Zayn came out with all his clothes and mine too. "Okay Gracie and Niall were in there but they were asleep." "Wow smooth, lets get out before they wake up." "yeah, should we like go to the states?"I don't even know what we are doing. "Yeah I guess it's better." He agreed but not really agreed. "Ok should we go like on the next flight?" "I guess that's fine as long as i'm with you." He  looked at me with his pretty brown eyes. I smiled at him.

We got a taxi to take us to the airport. "So let's get this over with." He told me. "Okay so I'll go get some food for us you can get the tickets okay?" I asked in a type of way. He went to the tickets while I was going to get food. 

When I was headed back I thought I saw an old friend. I hope I didn't, just to make sure I walked faster. "Hay I got some donuts." "Woo I love donuts." Zayn and I ate and headed for a flight. "Hey you go to the plane I have to use the restroom." I told Zayn "Okay now be careful go straight to our flight after." He is so caring.

I walked out of the restroom and went to my flight, we were about to take off so I can't go anywhere else. I can't find Zayn though, where is Zayn? Oh god I went on the wrong flight oh my gosh. "ma'am I'm on the wrong flight anyway we can turn around?" "Sorry we aren't allowed to do that miss." "Okay thanks though." Are you serious I found a seat by a window. 

I sat down and right when I did. "Excuse me may I sit here?" "Of course." I turned to see who I would take this terrible journey with. Oh shit, I'm screwed.




-    So I left it off (: she got seperated from Zayn :o will she find him? Who is next to her c;? Yeah sooo lallaa i'll post Saturday :) woo so please read Gone I would be very happy if you did (: this isn't as long as I planned but it's decently long so yerrr    -


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